Wednesday, July 30, 2008

~6x6 Scrapbook Page~

Hi All!!! Real quick, I wanted to share with you a 6x6 page I did over the weekend. I love doing 6x6 pages! They are so small and quick to get done. I did this one for my grandma's brag book. I also did one for myself. I decided to do a birthday album for each of the girls. One for each of them. That way they can look real quick at how they change over the years. It will also be something good to set out at their high school graduation parties.

I also made some cards over the weekend with a friend. I will show you them in the next post. Friday we are going to visit friends in Evansville, IN and then on Sunday go to West Virginia to visit family. The girls and I have not been to WV since November so it will be nice to go back.
Hope you enjoyed the scrapbook page. I had fun making it!!
Thanks for checking in and have a good day!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

~Lighting of the Fence~

I just want to share with you how Kevin finished off our fence. We bought these solar post lights to put on top of each post to add some light. They are not super bright but they do make the fence really pretty at night.

This is what they look like up close.
And here is what the fence looks like light up at night. This was the first night to see them. We sat out on the deck and watched them light up as the sun went down. Oh, the excitement!!!
I'm actually posting from the deck now. They really look great. They kind'a give the back yard a resort type feel. Now I just need someone to bring me a drink with an umbrella in it. HA!! HA!!
Thanks for checking in. Later.

~Color Inspiration # 17~

Today I got creative. I used the color inspiration from Kristina's blog. This is the first time I have entered one of her challenges. She gets hundreds of entries, so the chance of her choosing mine are slim, but we will see. Below are the colors she picked from the picture.

This is what I came up with. What do you think? I can't decide... I hope you can tell it says "hello". I thought using the flower in place of the O would live'n it up.
Or does the other word jump out at you to much?
Thanks for checking in. I may have another post later tonight. Gasp!!! Two post in one day!! What am I thinking?!! Later.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I'm back. Post twice in two days.!! I'm doing good!! Today we met my cousin, Jill, and her kids at the Toy and Miniature Museum. Oh, what a unique place to visit. There were antique toys and anything and everything miniature. It was so cool. I wish I could have taken pictures to show you some of the stuff but we were not allowed to take pictures. Even if we were, I forgot my camera. Bummer!! So, the following pictures are from my cell phone. Not the best pictures but at least I got the trip documented.
Here is the gang.
Left to right:
Jonathan, Owen, Jane, Cassie and Aundrea
I don't know what Cassie is looking at and Aundrea is showing her bracelet off.
Jonathan and Jill

The museum offered a craft activity of making kites. Here is Aundrea and Owen reeling in their kits. All the kids ran around this big room flying their kits. Even Cassie!!

She can really fit right in and keep up with the big kids.

Until she needs a little breather. She just sat right down and crossed her legs.
Soooo cute!!!
After the museum we had lunch to catch up on each other and plan more play dates. We had a surprisingly great time at this museum. It was so interesting. If you are ever in the area try to check it out. Thanks for checking in with me. Hope to have more for you tomorrow. Hubby came to the rescue. He found my pictures and put them where I can find them.
Have a good day!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

~Monday Night Club Projects~

Monday night I went to Angie's for club night. I do this once a month, so I can at least get to stamp at some point. Here are the projects we made. They are just so cute!! I especially love the bag box. I have seen it on other blogs and have wanted to try to make one, so I was super excited to find out we were going to make one at Angie's. We got to pick out the paper we wanted to use for the bag. I can't remember what SU! paper this is but I just loved the bright colors.

I tried to upload some pics from or SD vacation but I was having trouble finding them on my computer. I know they are there because I have viewed them, but for the life of me I can't find them. I will have hubby help me tonight and hopefully have something for you tomorrow or Thursday. I posted the projects because I was afraid you all would stop reading if I didn't post something. So, thanks for checking in, and for those of you who like to create I hope you get inspired to make something. Let me know if you do. Send me a link to a pic so I can see it. Later.

Monday, July 14, 2008

~Fence'in em In~

Hey all!! Did you think I got lost in the Black Hills of SD? No, I have been safe at home in Kansas. So sorry for not updating my blog. Kevin has been home ever since we got back from vacation. I think it has been the longest time we have been together as a family since we moved here. So needless to say I have been spending all my time with the kids and him. It has been so nice. We have been really busy. The first weekend after we got home we bought a 2007 Ford Escape. His car had over 100,000 miles on it and we were afraid it was going to lose the engine again. We didn't want to do that again so we traded it in for the Escape. He drives my Jetta and I drive the new one. It is so cute. It's red!! I love it!! Aundrea loves the horse power. Don't ask me where she got that, we did not put her up to it. The things that come out of her mouth, she cracks me up!! The next weekend was the 4th. I think? Anyway, my parents came in to spend the weekend with us. Kevin surprised me by flying my sister in too. I was so surprised. I did not see it coming. We had a great weekend. On the 4th we had a cookout with friends and family. The perfect way to spend the 4th. Sorry not pics. I took most of the shots with my dad's camera and forgot to put them on cd before he left. Below you will see what we did this weekend. We built a fence so we can let the little munchcins run a muck and to keep other dogs from using our yard as their bathroom.
Saturday it rained more than half the day. So we did not get started till early evening. The method Kevin was using was not working. We were hitting to many rocks in the ground. I won't go into much detail because I don't know what the thing'es are called. Anyway, he had to end up digging the holes and using cement to put the post in. We were up to 12 am Sat. night doing this.

Then Sunday we finished. 8 post, 16 horizontal supports, 1 gate kit and 138 pickets later we were done. Thank you!!! Yes, he still has to cut off the tops of the post, but that will have to wait till he comes home from CA. Yes, he is out of town this week. So, I will be able to update my blog more often. I still have to post pics of our vacation and some random ones of the girls. So, thanks for checking in and being patient with me. I'm off to watch a movie.