Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Morning

Sorry I’v been absent from my blog. It’s the holidays. We have been spending time together as a family. When Kevin does not have to travel we like to spend time with him. So posting goes to the back burner. So, you want to hear about Christmas I bet. We had a great Christmas. It was just the four of us. It was so relaxing staying in one place and enjoying each other. Aundrea had us up at 7:30 am. She came running in our room, “Mommy you have to get up, Santa came”. “How do you know?” I said. She says, “We have already slept!” They had so much fun playing with their toys and opening presents. Cassie was even excited about her clothes. It was so cute. She is going to be our fashion girl. As we made our piles of presents to open Aundrea said she could not open them all, there was too much. We were very blessed from our out of town families.
Be sure to check out the video below of Cassie on one of her toys.
Thanks for checking in. I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas.

Cassie has her phone and she is ready to ride.
Princess Aundrea in her throne.

Rolling in the paper.

How does this work?

The aftermath!!!
Friday's snow fall.

Monday, December 24, 2007

A Yummy, Creative Weekend

Ok, here it is. My Christmas card that took a billion years to make. It does not look that complicated and it wasn't. Just a lot of cutting and details. I love how it turned out, though. My favorite part are the little jewels on the gingerbread man. I could not find red so I got clear and colored them with my red sharpe and walla!! I have some left over and can't wait to use them on other projects. I hope those that receive this card love and appreciate it. I had fun making them, late nights and all.
This weekend was a yummy, creative weekend, and a restful one. Kevin and I reinvented a swag that was falling a part. I had the swag for about 12 years and really didn't put it up all that much for the holiday. I did not hang well, and I had no place to hang it so I could plug it in. (it had lights on it) But, I kept it and moved it from house to house. I kept thinking I will do something with it some day. Do you ever do that? Keep something, saying that you can find something to do with it later. I do, and most times I never do. So, this year I decided to do something. Having met so many crafty friends here in Kansas, they have inspired me. So, Kevin and I took of the JOY letters and bow off and glued them onto the grapevine wreath. Very simple, but I love it. I think it turned out cute. A little late putting up a wreath on Friday, but it is up nun the less.

Here is our Gingerbread house Aundrea, Kevin and I worked on.
I bought the kit a couple of years ago and never got around to make it till this weekend. The year I bought it I found out I was pregnant with Cassie and we waited till Christmas Eve to make it not knowing that it took and hour for the icing to harden enough for the house to stand before you decorate. Well it was to late to finish it so we planned for the next year. Well, the next year Cassie was with us and things were crazy. So we did it this year. I was a lot of fun to do. Aundrea loved playin in the candy and eating the sickening sweet icing. Talk about a sugar high. :-)
And here is our yummy cookies that we made as well. I know there is only 4 of us this Christmas and a lot of cookies but we had a great time together making them. It's really memories that we are making and that is the important part.
Oh, I have to tell you about my wonderful husband. I had such a restful weekend because of him. Saturday he let me take a late afternoon nap while he played with the kids. Then when I woke up he was making me a warm bath to soak in, again while he watched the kids. It was so relaxing and quite. You would not have known there were kids in the house. Then on Sunday he let me go take another nap while he watched the kids. How awesome it that!!! Two days in a row I got to nap. Isn't he the best. Love ya babe!!!
I hate to leave on a sort of gross note but looking back it was so funny. Yesterday evening after Cassie had her milk I picked her up from her high chair and held her in my lap at the table while Kevin and I talked. She was coughing and the next thing I knew she throw up all over me. In my mouth and down the front on me. (sorry if this grosses you out) Kevin took her to the sink to clean her up while I sat at the table waiting my turn. We think the coughing brought on the vomiting, because she was fine the rest of the evening. Kevin said he wish he had a pic of the look on my face. My too, I bet it was pretty funny. I now feel like a Mom. That was the first time I have ever been throw up on. Really! Last night would have been a good night for a bath. Oh, well. The things us Moms go through.
Have a Very Merry Christmas!!!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Aundrea's Kindergarten Christmas Party

Aundrea is concentrating hard to put the glue in the right place.
Can we have anymore sprinkles on the cookie! HE! HE!

Aundrea told me she was so happy that I came to her party. This made me so happy to hear. I have to treasure moments like this, in a couple years she may not want me to come. Boo Hoo!! They grow up so fast.
She really enjoyed her self at the party. She was the little party director at her table. After we past out plates of cookies for them to decorate she told her table "Lets wait to see what we are suppose to do." She is not normally like this at home. When ever we do a project at home she just dives right in before I can give directions. It just made me smile to hear her talk like that in school. Oh, to be a fly on the wall sometimes!
Be sure to check out the two post below. You should be caught up now.
Thanks for looking!

Teacher Gift

Ok, I have finally posted something creative. I have been so busy with getting ready for Christmas I have not have time to do anything creative other than my cards. I put together this cute teacher gift. The mug is from Wal-Mart and a gift card from Starbucks. I loved how this little card turned out. I normally would have not put these colors together but this is how it happened. The 3x3 card came with a punch set I bought from Stampin'up. (i don't remember the name and don't have time to look it up, sorry) Since the mug had a snowman on it I wanted to stamp a snowman on the gift card but did not have a snowman stamp. You will never believe this, the image on the card is from a hostess stamp set my sister has. I stamped it several years ago and punched it out and keep it in case I wanted to use it later. Well, much later, I needed it. Michelle was amazed that I was able to find it. I put it in my CM punch holder so I would be able to find it and found it I did. I'm not always this organized. I don't always find things when I put them away in case I might want to use later and find it. This is the one and only time this has happened. Anyway, I used my stampin up marker's and glue pen to add glitter, but it does not show up in the pic. It turned out really pretty with all the glitter.
I finally got my Christmas cards done and mailed out. Yeah!! and most of my wrapping is done. Double Yeah!!! I will post a pic of my card in a couple days, maybe on Christmas. I just want to wait till most everyone has had time to get them in the mail before I post.
I hope to get more creative now that things are calming down a bit. I mean my blog is about my family and my creations. I will do my best.
Thanks for looking.

Snow Fun!!!

Sunday the girls got to play in the snow and loved every minute of it.

This was Cassie's first time in the snow. She loved it!!
She walked out there like she had been walking in snow forever. Not scared at all.
I just love this snow suit. Aundrea wore it when she played in the snow for the first time when she was a baby. It is just so cute with the lamb on the hood and feet.

Aundrea loves to help her Dad with everything.

Aundrea feeding Cassie.

Sorry the pic is sideways. I can figure out how to turn the pics when they are still in my camera.
Aundrea shoveled a pile of snow just so she can lay in it. She would not wear her cloves. No, she needed to freeze her hands off. She did not complain. Tougher girl than I am.

Cassie loved to eat the snow. I think all kids are born knowing to eat snow. Mmm, this looks good I think I will eat it. Her little face got red but other wise the rest of her body stayed warm. She would have stayed outside all day if we let her.

Hope you enjoyed our day of fun in the snow. Thanks for looking.

Friday, December 14, 2007

My random facts

I have been tagged my Emily to share 7 random things about myself. (thanks Emily, such pressure ;-) ) here goes:

1~I am an identical twin (yes, Emily I will post a pic of us soon.)
2~I married my high school sweetheart.
3~I sleep with a special pillow and blanket. (I don’t leave home with out them when we travel. If we fly I make room in my suit case.)
4~I’m addicted to ice cream. Right now my favorite is Peppermint by Edy’s, it’s a limited edition, they only sell it during Christmas time. I told Kevin I wanted to buy enough to fill our deep freeze so I can have it all year long. He said “ What ever you want.” (that is what I love about him ;-) )
5~I was a big surprise to my mom at birth. I was born second and she did not know she was having twins.
6~I never miss an episode of “Heroes”. Kevin and I love that show.
7~I have read all Harry Potter books and have seen all the movies so far and can’t wait for the next two to come out.

I’m going to try the follow Emily’s lead and have Kevin tell 7 random thoughts about himself, but he is asleep right now. I’ll get back to you later on that one.
Thanks for looking. I’m off to watch Peter Pan with Aundrea.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Home Schooling Help Needed!

I have so much respect for home schooling moms. My oldest daughter, Aundrea, is in Kindergarten half day in the afternoon. I work with her in the morning on stuff she is doing in school to give her more time on the things she is learning. The school she goes to is awesome and so is her teacher. She has given us resources to help us work with our kids. Most days Aundrea is very engaged with what we are doing and eager to work on it..but this morning she was testing me. She wanted to go watch a movie. (i never let her watch a movie before school so i don't know where she got this idea i would this morning) so a little bribing went on. I told her if she does a good job reviewing her school work i would let her watch a movie. Well, she pulled a "I don't know this" whine, whine, whine and the slouching on the table like she had no back bone, pulling at her clothes like a bug crawled up her shirt, anything to distracted her from what she was supposed to be concentrating on. I was getting so frustrated because I know she knows everything we are working on, she did beautifully yesterday when we worked on it. How do you home schooling moms handle days like this? Of course, she did not get to watch the movie. I had her go to her room to get control of herself and to come back when she was ready to work. Well, I got busy with Cassie and other mommy duties and never got back to her school work. I hope tomorrow is a better day. We will see. Kevin comes home tomorrow morning so she will probably be distracted again. Anyway, any tips would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading my frustration. Off to bed.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ice storm ~ Christmas tree

Ice covered trees after the ice storm.
WOW! It has been a week since my last post. Since my last post Kevin came home on Friday. So when he is home we like to spend as much time with him as possible. Saturday we did some shopping and bought our Christmas tree. Aundrea was so excited. She had been asking since we have been back from Thanksgiving and we were going to get one. Aundrea loved decorating it and Cassie loved pulling everything off. I spent the rest of the weekend with Kevin and the girls, getting packages ready to mail, and more shopping. When will the shopping end? I’m hoping to be done this weekend. I also have been staying up late working on my Christmas cards. Please don’t think I’m complaining about making them. I love to make my Christmas cards. It’s just this year I have put more detail in them. I was going to post last night but by the time I was done I was ready to hit the sheets. Kevin left this morning for Ohio. He returns Friday morning. I miss him and so do the girls. Cassie walks around calling for him. Good thing he is only gone for a couple nights and not weeks at a time. I have to look at the bright side of things to get me through the nights without him.

Oh, Christmas Tree! Oh, Christmas Tree!

Ok, I'm at the "tale end" of my post. My thoughts have shut down. I can't think anymore. Must get Aundrea off to bed. Stay tuned. Thanks for looking.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

Aundrea trying to catch snowflakes on her tongue.
(she had to have the umbrella so the snow would not get into her eyes)
Aundrea and Cassie watching it snow.
(it really was snowing, it just didn't show up in the pic)

I thought this was a cute way to take a pic, from the outside in.
Aundrea was hamming it up.

Can you see the big snowflakes?
It was so pretty!!!

Aundrea was begging me to go out and eat some snow.
ya gotta love it!!

"Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful, and since we have no place to go, Let it Snow " Let it snow? no place to go? I wish! Just when I had plans to go get some shopping done, it snows. Don't get me wrong, I love the snow... just not when I have to be somewhere. I love to be at home and snuggle up on the couch in front of the fire place with Kevin or the girls and watch a movie. No, not today. After I got Aundrea off to school, Cassie and I loaded up in the car and headed off to the mall. It was slow going with snow and slush covered roads, but everyone was driving cautiously. We made it to the mall and as I was driving up to Penny's I noticed the Salvation Army bell ringer was waving me down the aisle, telling me there was a parking space right in front of the door.(it was snowing heavily at this point) God had sent an angel to watch over me and Cassie. He even opened the door for us when we went in the mall and when we left. (any mom out their knows this is a blessing, because trying to hold a door open and push a stroller through at the same time is no easy task) Anyway, I got 3 more people marked of my list, Cassie got her pic made with Santa and we made it home in one piece.
Thank God!!!
I just had to take this pic and post it. Cassie loves to climb in things like laundry baskets. Just look at her. She is trying to sit in this loaf pan. I could hardly take the pic for laughing so hard. She just cracks me up! God love her!
Gotta go, Gray's Anatomy and ER is coming on and I have to get Aundrea into bed. Hope you enjoy the pics and thanks for looking.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

MOPS ~ Snowman tree

Today was our last MOPS meeting till the new year. Boo hoo!!! I just love going to the meeting and visiting with fellow sahm's and Godly women. Today's meeting was so much fun. The ladies that do all the behind the scenes work did a take on Oprah's favorite things. They brought their favorite things for us. One or two things for each on of us. How awesome is that! The above pic is all the great stuff we got. On a sad note, we had to say goodbye to a great friend, Emily. She and her family are moving to Orlando, FL in January. She is so sweet, funny, very crafty and she introduced me to MOPS. Just when we were getting to know each other she moves away, but she has left me and many other mom's she has invited to MOPS in good hands. Emily, you will be missed!!!
Here is our little Christmas tree the girls, Aundrea's friend Kamie and I put up this evening. This tree went up so quick if you blinked you would have thought it appeared in thin air. I could not keep up with the girls. I tried taking pics but between their speed and Cassie pulling everything off as fast as they put on it was impossible. I love the snowman theme, so fun!! I hope Cassie can get pulling off the ornaments out of her system or we will have to put a gate up around the big tree we put up this weekend. I'll let you know how it goes. Well I've got to get back to making my Christmas cards. Thanks for looking and thanks for the blog lovin' my fellow blogger. Oh, Anthony, love your comments!! You make me laugh!!! ~later

Monday, December 3, 2007

High School Musical on Ice Tour

Here is Aundrea ready to go to the show. I bought this cheerleader out fit for her to wear. She was so excited. (can't you tell :-) ) Anyway, it was cold and windy out so she had to wear jeans under her outfit. As she was getting ready, she asked if she had to wear shoes. Here is how the conversation went:
Me: Yes, put your tennis shoes on.
A: Do Cheerleaders wear tennis shoes? I want to wear my boots.
Me: Yes, all cheerleaders wear tennis shoes.
A: The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders don't, they wear boots.
Me: Oh, I stand corrected, wear your boots. LOL!
She is too smart for her britches sometimes. :-)
This is why she has her boots on.
We had AWESOME seats!!! We were 4 rows back, behind the floor seats. I could not believe I got the tickets just 4 days before the show.

I'm so thankful I got to spent one on one time with Aundrea. I don't get to do that very often.

Here she is hamming in up. She is sooo silly!! She was having a blast. She asked "They don't have microphones, how can we still here them?" For a 5 year old, that is a pretty good observation. During the break, she was signing along with the music and dancing.

That morning Kevin came home and surprised us. We were not expecting him till later in the evening. Yeah!! We were all sooooo excited to see him. He is so like that to come home early because he missed us too. I was praying he would do that, and he did. Thank God. I had planned for a neighbor to watch Cassie for me and I would drive us to the show. I was pretty nervous about driving downtown. I have never drove down there before. But I had my trusty map quest in hand and was ready to brave my fear. Thank God Kevin came home. He drove us to the show. With his GPS and my map quest directions, we still did not make it to the Sprint Center. I had the wrong address. I called 411 and got the correct address, so we plugged it into the GPS and found that we were within a 1/2 mile of the Sprint Center. We still made it on time. Thank God for GPS. I don't know what I would have done if I had been down there with no GPS. I don't know if we would have make it. Anyway, we had a great day. Kevin came home early, we had a great time at the show and we each had one on one time with one of the girls. The above pic is of Cassie showing Kevin what she wants for Christmas. She was just jabbering away in her own little language. What a day, a day from God!!!!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Pajama weekend

I just love Aundrea's smile. It makes me want to smile. It is so contagious. Are you smiling? Anyway, this is what she wore to school on Friday. Her teacher gave them a pajama party for good behavior. Well, the kids picked a pajama party over a pizza party. Smart kids! It's not every day they get to wear pj's to school. Then she went to a pajama, High School Musical, Hannah Montana birthday party this evening. ( i forgot to get a pic) She had a blast!! . So, she pretty much spent half the weekend in her pj's. (easy for me, one less thing to do at bedtime.) Which it is how it should be, right? I love pj's. I could live in them.
I made my Christmas card today. I think it turned out pretty cute. I will post a pic later. I don't want everyone to see it before I send them out. Just 49 more to make. That is what I will be working on tomorrow. I don't know how much I will get done because I got Aundrea and me tickets to the High School Musical on Ice tour. She is so excited!!(to be honest, so am I!) She will be bugging be all day by asking "How much more time till we leave?" I just bought the tickets the other day. I didn't think I would be able to get any, but I found vip seating. Yeah!! I will post pics later.
Kevin will be home tomorrow evening. We miss him so much. It feels like he has been gone forever. Well, off to fold towels. Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Thanksgiving update

Maddie, Aundrea and Luke trying to sleep...
Carrie climbed in the tent to the kids would go to sleep. I just think she wanted to sleep in there.

Sorry for not posting in 2 weeks. These past 2 weeks have been crazy. I totally intended to post over Thanksgiving vaca but things did not turn out as planned. Kevin and I celebrated our 13th year anniversary on Mon. Nov. 19. WOW! It seems like it was yesterday that we got married. I have heard people say they love their spouses more today than the day they married and I thought that's crazy, but that is how I feel. My love for him grows more and more every day. He took me out to dinner and then we stayed in a hotel for the night. The kids stayed at his mom's. Thank God for family. Then on Tuesday evening I started chilling and aching all over. I was coming down with a cold. So the next 2 days I spent on the couch. So, instead of spending Thanksgiving together with our families we spent it spread all over Huntington, WV. Aundrea and Kevin were at his mom's house. He hunted and Aundrea played with her cousin, Paige. Cassie spent Thanksgiving day and night at Kevin's Dad's house and I was at my Mom's. Kevin's Mom had turkey at noon and my Mom had turkey at dinner time. So, my sister and I picked up Aundrea so I could have one of my daughters eat with me. She could not understand why she had to eat with me. She said "Why do I have to do Thanksgiving again? I already had Thanksgiving." She had also planned to have a bubble bath with Paige in her Maw Maw's huge garden tube. They always add bubbles and turn on the jets and have bubbles up to the celling. (so to speak) I told her that we would take her back to have her bath and spend the night. All through dinner she kept saying " I'm going to be late for my bubble bath. Do you thing she will start without me?" Oh, the important things. Again, thank God for family. Because the girls were visiting their Grandparents, I was able to rest up enough to go shopping with my sister on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Yes, we are crazy, but we love to go. We really don't go for all the deals, but if we get them GREAT. We just go for the atmosphere. We expect the crowds and lines and go with the flow. That evening Michelle, my sister, and I went to see the new Disney movie Enchanted. We loved it. I love anything Disney. This movie was so funny. If Kevin would agree with me I would vaca at Disney World every year. Ok, Sat. we leave for Evansville to stop at Carrie's house to pick up my bag that I forgot. Kevin thinks I forgot it on purpose so we could visit with them. He wanted to drive on through to Kansas because we had 2 coolers full of deer meat and he did not want it to spoil. Lucky we got it frozen before we left and it was in the low 40's so there was not chance of it spoiling. The kids had a blast playing together. Carri pulled out their shark tent for them to sleep in. Not much sleeping went on until Carri climbed in. See above pics. I was so good to see them again. Ok, so now we are home and I don't think I have stopped running. Kevin had to fly out to Ohio for work on Wed and will not be back till Sunday. It feels like forever that we have seen him. The girls miss him terribly. Cassie was even banging on the garage door yelling for him. It just broke my heart. I did not realize that she was missing him. She is such a Daddy's girl.
I have almost got my Christmas shopping done for the girls. I have been going out when Aundrea goes to school. I just want to be done so I can enjoy the holidays. I feel like I'm going to run out of time and there is so much to do. I have not even started making my Christmas cards. Ok, it is getting late. It has taken my hours to type this because of my other responsibilities. It is time for me to sign off. Sorry for a long post. I just wanted to get you updated. Thanks for looking. Have a good weekend.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Melissa's tunes

I DID IT!!!! I have tunes. What do you think? Leave me a comment. I love to know who is reading my blog. Thanks to those who have left me a comment. Oh, I have to tell you a funny story. While I was searching for songs I was singing them. I love to sing (I'm not that good at it, really, don't go looking for me on American Idol. I would be right up their with William Hung, is that his name?) Anyway, Aundrea would say "Mom ,stop, I want to here their voice not yours". See what I mean. My own kid asks me to stop. LOL!! Sorry for not updating my blog while I was gone during Thanksgiving. I will have to post later about our holiday. Hubby is home and we are going to hang some candle sconces on the walls. Yeah!! My walls are so naked. At least part of them are getting clothes. Thanks for looking and enjoy the music.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

We made it!!!

We left about 3:30 pm Friday and made it to the Blome's house in Evansville,IN about 10:30 pm. The drive went pretty well. The kids did great. Thank God for DVD players!!! Our dog, Elliott, was a different story. It all started Thursday. He kept wanting to go outside more than usual, I just thought he wanted to be outside. Well, Kevin made it home 10:30 pm that night and let him out and he did both deeds (sorry if this grosses you out) then he got me up at 3 am (he doesn't usually do that unless it is serious) and it turned out to be serious. He had to got out again at 6 am, 8:30 am and 9:30 am. I called Kevin and said "it is going to be a long trip if we have to stop every 2 hrs. for Elliott to potty. So we decided to take him to the vet. The vet kept him all day. Long story short, the antibiotics he was on had messed up his stomach. We were given new dog food and more meds. He acted very punny during the trip and almost barfed in the car but we had just got to my friends house and was able to stop and get him out. He is doing better now but he is still not himself but we think he will pull through. Ok, enough about the dog. Let me tell you about my friends, Carri and Andy and their sweet kids, Maddie, Luke and Anna. They rock!!! They are the most giving, loving family. We are so thankful God put them in our life. We planned to stay with them about a week ago and were so excited to see them and their new house. They moved to a new house after we moved away. Well, their plans changed, they had to go visit her Dad the same weekend we were driving through. They insisted that we still come and stay even though they would not be there. See what I mean. We are so blessed to have such good friends. Aundrea was excited to be there but sad she did not get to see her friends. She did get to play with their new kittens. She had a blast!!! I think the kittens were glad to see her go.
Carrie had left a key for us to get in the house, but we decided to leave it in the house and Kevin would hit the button and run out before the garage shut. Success!!! Until I realized that I left a bag in the house with no way to get in. AGGGGG!!!! It was not clothes or meds. It had Aundrea's school work stuff that I work on with her daily, it will be ok I can improvise, but my camera was in the bag. MY CAMERA!!!!! What was I going to do without my camera? Life will have to stop!! How can I break into the house without breaking anything? How was I going to update my blog without pics? All these questions were going through my mind. My wonderful husband brought me back to reality. He said we can use Brian's camera. So that got me thinking. I can use my parents or my sisters camera, too Life will go on!! WHEW!!! Ok, so I don't have any pics now but hopefully I will at some point this week. So, we left Carri's house about 10 am and made it to my Mom and Dad's all in one piece. Minus a camera. OH, get over it already!! Ok, I have all ready been here a day and a half and my sister and I have already been shopping. I bought 3 pairs of shoes. I never do that. I buy shoes that I can wear with everything then they fall apart. I got a good deal though. Three pairs for $40. YEAH!!! This evening, Michelle, my sister, took me to a jewelry party. How could I go and not buy jewelery. What more could a girl want. Shoes, jewelery, oh my. Tomorrow is my 13th year wedding anniversary. YEAH!! Kevin will be hunting at first light but he has planned something for us tomorrow evening. Dinner somewhere and we will not return until Tuesday. I'll let you know where he takes me in a later post. Must get off to bed. It's going to be a long day tomorrow. Thanks for looking.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


I had so much fun making this for a friend's son. His birthday was in October. I'm so late. If I had known how easy this was I would have gotten this done before now. I was inspired by Emily's creation on one of these. She makes the most cutest things. I love her cards and scrapbooking style. Check out her blog at Thanks Emily for letting me borrow your stuff. I have to get back to packing. We are off for WV tomorrow after Aundrea gets out of school. Thanks for looking.

How much fun can a Pampers box be?

The girls are now playing with a Pampers box. With all the toys they have to play with they love a box. I guess Christmas will be cheap this year. Aundrea has put Cassie inside the box along with an assortment of small toys and pushing her around the living room. Cassie is just giggling, she loves it. I love to see my girls playing so well together. I just thank God every time I here them laugh. I can just see the love they have for eachother. It puts a smile on my heart. I just have to remember these moments because I know there will be unhappy moments and I tell myself this too shall pass. Thanks for looking. Have a good day.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cassie ~ 15 month check-up

Cassie had her 15 month check up on Tuesday. She is 30 in. tall and 21 lb. 2 oz. We did have to start her back on her breathing treatments. She is cutting teeth and when she does this she gets a yucky running nose. With the nasal drainage she coughs and causes her to have wheezing. And let me tell you, she rocks. We started these treatments about 2 months ago and I thought this was going to be a fight for her to do this. Well, as you can see in the pic above, she will sit there for 10 min. and breath. She is so smart for a 15 month old. It is like she knows this is helping her and she does not fight it. Not only that, about a week ago, she had to have blood drawn for routine blood work and they took it from her arm. I thought there is no way this is going to be good. Again, she proved me wrong. She sat on my lap and watched the whole time and did not make a sound and did not pull away. I was so proud of her!! I just wanted to tell everyone I saw " My baby just had her blood drawn and she did not scream, how cool is that!"
We had a great visit with Kevin's Dad and friend Ed. They left early this morning for the 13 hour drive back to WV. I don't envy them. Kevin left early this morning for Wisconsin. He will be back Thursday evening. Even though he is gone for one night I miss him. Oh, how I love that man!!! Then we are leaving after Aundrea gets out of school on Friday for WV. We will stop in Evansville, IN at our friends house, then head on in Saturday. Thank God for in car DVD players!!! I will try to still post while I'm away. Well, I'm off to bed. Busy day tomorrow, laundry and packing. Yeah, what fun!! :-P Thanks for looking. Have a good day.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy Birthday ~ Busy Day ~ Brag Book Pages

First , HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNIFER!!!! Love ya Miss ya!!! Hope you have had a great day!!!

Ok, we have had a busy but good day. We visited another church this morning. It actually is meeting at Aundrea's school until they get their church built. The girls enjoyed themselves. Kevin and I have yet to discuss what we thought about it, so I will let you know as soon as we talk. Just pray that God will help us find a home church. After church,we went to the grocery store. We were just about out of everything. In the past I didn't mind to go to the store but now, I guess having the kids with me it's a whole different ball game. Don't get me wrong, I'm so lucky that the kids are really good but, I just stress because I have to keep and eye on Aundrea the whole time or she could be kidnapped or lost. I spend more time doing that than shopping. I like to get in and get out. It is such a treat for me to go to the store by myself. Sometimes I get so excited Kevin looks at me like you need to get out more. YA THINK!!! Anyway, back to our day. Kevin's Dad and his Dad's friend, Ed, drove 12 hours from WV to bring Kevin's motorcycle to him. So we got to visit, eat dinner and visit some more. I love to have family and friends to come and visit. I'm going to hop off, Brother's and Sister's is on. Love that show!! The above pics are 6X6 scrapbook pages I made for my grandma's brag book. It is the first time I used SU for scrapbooking. I love it. I can't wait to do more. I have bought enough paper. Haven't I Emily? Thanks for looking.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Playing in the leaves

Today we went out back to rake leaves. Aundrea was so excited. This is the first time that she has got to play in leaves. All the other places we have lived never had trees in our yards. Aundrea and Cassie had a ball. It is so funny, I can remember as a kid playing in leaves and never had the thought about dog dodo, but now that I'm an adult, it was freaking me out, I had to keep reminding myself "let them play, this is a part of childhood, they will not die from dodo on their hands". Of course, I would clean it off if that happened. Anyway, nothing happened to them but I stepped in dodo twice and then a third time, I was done. Yuck!!!! Aundrea loved raking and jumping in the leaves and Cassie loved sitting in the pile and throwing them up in the air. I just love doing things together as family. I'm so blessed with beautiful family. Enjoy the pics and thanks for looking. I'm off to bed. ;-)