Tuesday, April 29, 2008

~Dress up storage & Cards~

Lots to show you. Do you have the time? First, here is what we did Sunday in Aundrea's room. We added a coat rack for her to hang her dress~ups on. I think it is so cute!! I will be a lot easier for her find what she wants to wear rather than search through a basket full of dress~ups.
Ok, finally today I got to stamp!! Yeah!!! I watched the video tutorial that Angie did to make this purse. It is just the cutest thing I have ever seen and super easy to make. If you have not been over to her site, check it out. She is super talented and has great video tutorials to follow. I made this little purse as a gift bag for one of Aundrea's little friends birthday.

The card is also on Angie's blog. I took the pic before Aundrea had a chance to color the cake and sign it, so I will be much better when she gets done with it I'm sure.

This little card I made with scraps I had laying around. It went together super quick and is super cute. I think anyway. BTW, while you are on Angie's blog check out her Chick Stand. It makes adding brads super easy. I'm using the word 'super' a lot in this post. Everything is just super, I guess. Hee! Hee! I'm just so happy I got to stamp today. I usually don't get to or I don't make myself put other things aside and do something for myself. Anyway, next card please.
This one I did for a friend that helped me out while Kevin was away for 2 weeks. Aundrea became super (there's that word again) sick. She was vomiting so much and would not stop, so I ended up taking her to Children's Mercy Hospital at 9pm in the evening and I didn't want to wake Cassie up, much less take her to the hospital with me. I called Teresa and she came and sat at the house so I didn't have to wake Cassie. We didn't make it home till 2 am. Aundrea had to have IV fluids. She did great through the whole process. She got to pick out a movie to watch while she got her fluids. She said "That's cool Mom". I can't say enough about the doctors and nurses at the hospital. They took great care of her and I felt like we were the only ones there, like she was the only one they had to treat. Awesome!! Or should I say SUPER!! Hee! Hee! I kill myself!! :)

I love the inside!! I used versa mark for the heart and stamped the saying with black stazs on. I thought the verse goes perfectly with the heart. Don't you think?

Thanks so much for checking in. I hope to do better about blogging. Thanks for all your comments. I love to read them. Next time I'm going to share with you some pics I took of the girls. So far they are my favorite and I think I did a pretty good job taking them. Well I must be off. Aundrea is watching A Bugs Life and Cassie is making a mess of the famliy room. So I need to clean up and get Cassie to bed so Aundrea and I can watch DWTS results. Ok, so have a SUPER :) day or night, depending on when you are reading this. Later.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

~Productive Day~

The day started out by Aundrea and I cleaning up her room. I have been raking my brain on how to organize her room to make it easier for her to clean up on her own. I have cleaned it up and organized it a couple of times and Aundrea loves how clean and neat it was but still would never keep it clean. She is only 6. Sometimes I feel like I expect too much from her.
Lizz, one of the great gals I have met through MOPS, babysat for the girls the other night so Kevin and I could go out on a date. She is a great organizer so I asked her for some ideas for Aundrea's room. She suggested moving her bed to one side of the wall to give her more floor space to play and adding pegs on the wall for dress-ups and shelves for other things and get ride of some things. So that is what we did today. Mainly, we cleaned her room, moved furniture and organized. We still have to buy pegs, shelves and get ride of things, but I think we have made a good start and Aundrea loves it. What do you think?


I have to say I love it too. Thanks Lizz for all your suggestions. You rock!!!
Later in the afternoon, I went to Rene's house for a girls afternoon out to have our make-up done by Marietta. (both gals I have also met at MOPS) Marietta is now selling Marabella (sp?) makeup. I love it!!! She did a great job. I felt so beautiful when I left!!! Rene will be posting pics on her blog so I will let you know when she has them up so you can go take a look.
After getting all gussied up, I came home to find Kevin and the girls weeding the flower beds. They did a great job. Now we have to mulch. Some much to do. Anyway, Kevin has been wanting to get me some boots to wear while I'm riding the motorcycle with him. So that is what we did. I found some. They are cute!! Just wait, I have a pic of me in my helmet. It is hilarious!! I'll post it later.
Well, gotta go. Kevin is back from helping a friend build some shelves in his garage. Need to spend some time with the hubby. Catch ya later.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


I have been MIA again. Things have been crazy here and are starting to get back to normal, if there is a normal. But, we are all alive and kicking!!! The weather is beautiful here now. Finally!!! Everything is greening up beautifully!!! I just wanted to check in. I do have some pics to post but will try to do it later. Cassie and I went out to lunch today after Aundrea went to school. Then to Michaels to buy some bead stuff and to the eye doctor. I found a rip in my contact at the first of the week and finally broke down and took Cassie with me. She did great while I got checked out. I now have new contacts, yeah!! I hate wearing my glasses for any length of time. I feel so smothered. I feel like me again. Well, I have to get Aundrea from her friends house and I'm off to get my nails done. Thanks for checking in. Later.

Friday, April 11, 2008

~Check it out~

This picture does not do this bracelet/earrings justice. It is so pretty in person. In the past I have made jewelery for myself, friends and family. I don't think I have made anything since I have moved here though. I was blog surfing a couple of days ago and found this blog. It has inspired me to start making jewelery again. So, this evening Aundrea and I stayed up and made jewelery. Below is what she made. Isn't it cute!!!
Let me know what you think of our creativity. I will get back to updates of our TX trip in another post. It is yet another late night and I still have to clean up or bead mess. Thanks for checking in. Later.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

~Ft. Worth Zoo~

Here are some pics from our trip to Texas a couple of weeks ago. The highlight of our trip was the Ft. Worth Zoo. We got there when it opened so it was not as crowded. Good thing too. It was getting pretty crowded as we were leaving. We saw a lot of animals. The giraffes were one of Aundrea's favorite to see. Here is a mama and her baby. So cute!!! I love this pic of Aundrea. I can't wait to scrap book it and crop those people out. Didn't they know I was going for a great shot? Man!!!

Oh, this was a highlight too. There was this huge cage that had a lot of these little birds in it. You go in and buy a stick with food stuck to it and they will come eat off of it. At first, I thought gross. We would be walking out with bird poop all over us, but we didn't. Aundrea loved it when the bird landed on her stick to eat. I thought it was pretty cool as well.
Cassie was a trooper. Kevin volunteered to carry her in the back pack. Much easier to navigate through people than with a stroller. Here she just gave up and fell asleep on the way out of the zoo. So she did not miss anything.

Dad, this one is for you. Jory, Traci's husband, is into HAM radio. At the house he and Aundrea would use them as walkie talkies. She loved it!! Me too, it kept her entertained. Thanks Jory!! You are going to make a great Dad some day!! Anyway, he took them to the zoo so they could talk on them, and here they are posing with them. What do you think Dad?
Well, Kevin will be home in 9 more days. This week has been ok. I just miss him. This has been the longest we have been apart since we have moved to Kansas. We will survive.
Cassie woke up Wed. morning with puck all over her and her bed. I could not believe it. She did not make a sound all night long. I felt so bad for her. She slept in it all night. She did have a little fever but she is doing much better know.
I have been able to make a couple of cards but I can't post them until the recipients receive them. I did get a couple comments about pics of my scrap room. Emily and Rene let me get it cleaned up and I will post some pics. I don't get much time to make anything so when I do it is quick and I don't always get to clean up after. I was in there some today cleaning up so hopefully soon I will get those pics for you. Hang in there with me.
Well it is much to late for me to be up. I need to get to bed or I will not be worth anything tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by and leave me a comment. I love your feedback.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Kevin made it home Friday evening so we spent the day doing things together because he will be leaving tomorrow for 2 weeks. Yeh, I know it sounds like a long time, and it is, but not as long as the months we spent apart when he was on job. It will be a long 2 wks but we can handle it. I hope. Check back later and see.

Kevin put together my chair for my craft room this morning. I love it!! It is so perfect and I feel I’m going to be more productive now. Well, while we were putting it together in foyer, don’t ask why there, it’s just where it landed when I dragged it the house. Anyway, Cassie helped herself to some graham cracker sticks. She was so proud of herself as you can see in the pic below.

The weather was beautiful today. 68 degrees. It was a bit chilly but warm in the sun. Cassie loves being outside. She found Aundrea’s helmet and put it on and just walked around with it on. She looked so cute!!!

I did get in my craft room for a little bit today. I’m working on a two-page layout for Aundrea’s baby book. I’ll show you as soon as I get it done. Here is a card I made last weekend for one of Aundrea’s classmates birthday.

Here is more from our trip to Texas. On Friday of our trip Traci took the day off and took us to Grapevine Lake for a hike. Here are some pics.

Me and Traci
Miss ya girl!!!

As you can see this Lake was huge! We even saw Sailboats sailing. How cool is that!! Aundrea loved throwing rocks in it. This is how Cassie enjoyed her hike. Oh, the life, to be carried over the rough roads. At first she hated being put in the backpack but as soon as Kevin started walking she loved it.
Thanks for checking and hanging in with me on this long post. I will update more on our trip in the next post. Have a great day!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

~Yes, we are home~

Did you think we have been in Texas all this time? At least, I hope someone out there has been wondering where I have been. I have no excuse as to why I'm such a bad blogger. I have been trying a different way to manage my mommy and home duties that I needed to focus on my family. Things are on the right track so I fell it is safe to blog again. We had a great time in Texas! So, I want to update you on our trip.

I said in a previous post that I hoped to see some greenage in Texas. We saw some and had such beautiful weather that we did not want to come back to brown Kansas. I was so excited when I saw something green coming out of the ground. Tulips!!! WoW!! I can't wait to see what color they are. To this day they still have not bloomed. At least I know they are there so I can't complain. We moved here in July of last year and there was not much color in the flower beds and I thought I had a lot of planting to do. Not so much now. I'm so excited!! I love flowers that you don't have to plant every year!!!
Here is Cassie during the drive. She did really good, considering she only napped for only 45 min the whole 8 hr. trip. Yah, amazing. She is a happy kid.

And here is Aundrea, watching a movie and coloring. Thank God for car DVD players. How did we survive road trips without them?

Ok, I know this is not the best pic in the world but it has green in it. I tell ya, I just wanted to see green so bad I had to take a pic.

Here is Aundrea at the Texas welcome center. I love this pic for some reason. I want to scrapbook it with card stock shaped like Texas. Anyone know where to find one?
I will update you on more of our trip later. I say later because it may be tomorrow or the next day, later. You get the idea. Thanks so much for checking in. I hope I still have some bloggin' friends after being such a bad blogger.
Have a good day, afternoon or evening(depending when you are reading this)!!!