Thursday, August 27, 2009

~Cassie is Potty Trained~

Cassie has been showing an interest in potty training since she was 18 months old. Remember this post from Sept. of last year? She did not have it all together then. This summer when we would catch her in a dry diaper and sit her on the potty and she would pee. Then I just had to buckle down and just do nothing but spend time with her on the potty. With Aundrea, she sat on the little potty and watched movies so she would get what it felt like to go, which worked for her. Not so much for Cassie. She is a on the go girl. A week before she turned 3 we went for it. We tried watching movies, play games and color while Cassie sat on the potty. Not too many messes the first day she did pretty good and the second day went pretty well until playing outside she had many accidents. I was about to give up. Then the third day she got it. SCORE!!!

Now about 3 weeks later she is doing great. She is even going to the potty independently. Now doing #2 I had no idea how to get her to do it in the potty. Every one said she will do it when she was ready, and she did. I'm so glad this milestone is over. It hit me one day that there is 3 girls in my house and we all wear panties. I bet you all feel better knowing that. WOW!! I don't have any babies anymore. :(Now a pro and using the potty Cassie is teaching her baby and Aundrea's baby to potty.

This is where the babies go potty. Doesn't she look like a proud mama and so grown up.

She goes to preschool next week. We went today to get her a new backpack and supplies and she is so ready to go. She met one of her teachers yesterday at her school open house. She is so excited to go.

Well gotta go. Till the next post. Have a good day!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

~Aundrea Learns To Ride a Bike~

Last week Kevin bought us all (except Cassie) new bikes. Well, new bikes to us, they are used bikes. He found them on Craig's List. He found some really great deals. The bikes are all made in the USA and are high quality bikes. He bought all 3 for less than we could have bought one of our bikes new. AWESOME!!! The whole idea behind getting new bikes was so we can take family bike rides together. Which is what we did this past weekend. But first, we had to teach Aundrea how to ride without training wheels.

We rode out to the end of our subdivision to a cul-da-sac that is lacking in houses. The street had a slight slope which is ideal for teaching her to ride a bike. Kevin did all the teaching. He was amazingly patient with Aundrea. He made her fell comfortable and safe. She was having fun!!

She did it!! Can you tell she is balancing? I was so surprised at how fast she caught on. I was so happy for her. Cassie and I were jumping up and down cheering for her. She still needs practice and experience which will bring confidence. During our bike rides this past weekend she used her training wheels. Kevin moved them up so she would have to balance and she did and she was so excited.

Oh, I forgot to tell you. Kevin is trying out for the Circus!!!
Just kidding!!
He was just showing Aundrea something and being silly.
Where does Cassie ride, you ask. She rides in a kid set on Kevin's bike and loves it.
Well I'm off. I have chores to do. Later.

Monday, August 24, 2009

~Cassie's New Bed~

About a month or two ago Kevin hand built Cassie her big girl bed. He is the most talented man ever!!! It only took him two weekends to complete it. He built it with poplar wood and bead board. The bed is very solid and it is a bed that she will keep till she moves out. It is a twin bed with a trundle. He has not made the trundle yet but the plan is to have one for sleep overs or when we have guest over Aundrea can sleep on the trundle so guest can sleep in her bed. With this bed made for a trundle it is pretty tall, so Kevin built her a ladder to get in and out of the bed. She can climb in and out without it but the ladder looks so cute and just "makes" the bed, and she loves to climb up and down it.
Yesterday we moved her furniture around to make everything fit better and so she can get to her toys better. Here are the before and after pics.

The bedding I LOOOVVVEE!! I found it online at Target and then went to Target to just buy sheets thinking that I would have to order the bedding online. Our Target here had the set. I was so happy that I did not have to wait for it to ship. I love these colors, pink and brown, plus Cassie loves polka-dots. Like you couldn't tell from her B-day party. The bed skirt is satin with tulle over it. Very Princessie!!

She loves her bed. Can't you tell? When she was in her crib she slept with her head toward the door. I wondered if she would change or sleep the same in her new bed. Nope, she still sleeps with her head toward the door just like she did in her crib. No big deal I just thought it was interesting. Anyway, hope you enjoy the pics. Kevin plans to make Aundrea a loft bed. She is all excited to get it in her room. He should be getting started here in a couple of weeks. This time it will not be so hot outside when he does it. I will keep you all posted.
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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

~A Polka-Dot Birthday For Cassie~

Last Saturday we celebrated Cassie's 3rd birthday cookout style. We had friends come over to party with us. We do wish our family could have been here but thank God for friends. Cassie loves polka-dots so that is what I choose for her party theme. Here is a funny story. One evening Cassie saw my freckles on my arm and said "Mommy you have polka-dots." I laughed so hard I thought I would pee my pants.

The next several pics I will show you how I incorporated polka-dots in the party decor. WARNING!!! Lots of dots!!!

I made the birthday banner with my Stampin' Up cardstock, papers and die-cuts. I had so much fun making it and I think it turned out pretty cute!! I also had different candies set around the party space with circles or dots in mind. On the china cabinet I had a bowls of skittles and smarties.

I found this idea on-line. Actually I found a lot of my ideas on-line at Polka Dot Birthday Party Ideas blog. I never dreamed about doing a party in polka-dots till I found this website. Thanks for all the ideas. This is a tarra cotta pot that I painted pink and glued on white fuzzy balls. I had the ladybug cookies made by Laura Poland. (click on her name to go to her website) She was one of the mom's from Aundrea's kindergarten and 1st grade classes. She did an AWESOME job!! The cookies tasted SUPER yummy and they went perfect with the polka-dot theme.

I don't know what happened with this pic being sideways. I used a cake plate to sit the pot of cookies on and used tissue paper and bows to cover the plate. The dots you see are from wrapping paper that my sister used to wrap Cassie's gifts in. I used one of my punches to punch out the dots and used them around all my decor. You can't tell in pic but the dots are covered in glitter. They looked very pretty in person.

I bought lots and I mean LOTS of ribbon to use through out the party space. Here I gathered up the corners of the plastic table cloth to dress it up.

This cake was Soooooo delish!!, and it looks Fabulous!!! I went to my local grocery store bakery and told them what I wanted and this is what they came up with. SWEET!!! I bought the fabric to cover one of my wood risers to raise up the cake for dimension, and of course, tie up the corners with, what else, but polka-dot ribbon. And more dot candies. These were sweet tarts and they were the biggest hit. Eatable decor what more can you ask 4!! Ha, I'm a poet!! He! He!

Here is the cake with the candles on it. My camera died just as Cassie was blowing them out so this is the only pic with the candles lit.
Unfortunately, it was raining so we did grill out hamburgers and hot dogs outside but ate inside. Even though we had a great time.

More dots!!
Let me just share this drink we had. Take frozen pink lemonade and add 7-up instead of water. Very refreshing!!

Thought I was done the the dots? Not yet. I used my dots stamps sets that I have to stamp these party bags to give to the kids. We only 4 total including Aundrea so I didn't have to make many but they were easy to make and they turned out cute.

Here are our goofy girls. They could not wait to dig into the cake and they would not keep out of the candy either. We had to fight them off with a stick to keep the away. Just kidding!! about the stick part!!
Well, are you seeing spots yet? I hope you enjoyed looking at the party docorations because I had fun making them.
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Thursday, August 13, 2009

~Cassie turns 3!!!~

I can't believe my baby is 3!!!

Tuesday was her birthday so we pizza for dinner, which she requested with sister's help, and a small cake. We are planning a birthday cookout on Sat with friends since our family can't come in.

Just look at that smile. It fills her whole face. Ok, the story about the boo boo on her nose. Her Daddy built her a big girl bed and just a couple of days before her birthday she fell out and hit her nose on something. You can't tell in the photo but it is shaped like a tulip. When she heard us stay that she said " it not a lip!"

After dinner we took her on a photo shoot at a local park and a beautiful waterfall. I love how this pic turned out. My favorite!!! I can't believe how good it turned out and we didn't have to pay a professional!!

Here is the story on this pic. See the flower? Cassie came to me one day with this flower held up to her head just like in the pic and said, " Mommy, see my umbrella?" What an imagination!!

I just love her facial expressions!! She was not looking at me so when I told her to look at me this is what I got. She is so sassy, spunky, sweet and she just keeps us laughing all the time.

My mom got her this dress and Cassie loves it because it twirls. She had so much fun dancing in this dress. Check out the back. Sooooo CUTE!!!
Thanks Mom!!

I had to throw a pic of Aundrea in here. She takes great pics too.
We have been so blessed to have 2 beautiful girls.
I'm busy planning Cassie's cookout, poka-dot theme birthday party tomorrow. I have some cute things I'm making. I can't wait to show you.
Have a great day!!!
I'm off to get ready for the party!!!