Wednesday, May 28, 2008

~Teacher Appreciation Gift~

Real quick. I'm having a horrible allergy attack today, but I wanted to post something because you guys are really reading my blog!!! I want to thank you all for the blog lovin'!!!

This is a bag and stationary I made for Aundrea's teachers for Teacher Appreciation week a couple of weeks back. Angie had a tutorial on her blog how to make it. It is a really easy to follow video. If you have not been over to her blog, you need to check out all her creative stuff. I get most of my ideas from her. Aundrea's teachers really loved the gift. They both said it was to pretty to use. I know, I feel the same way about handmade items I receive.
Well, I have to go to bed so my allergies will go away. That is the way it happens for me. They bother me for one day and the next I'm all dried up. So it is sleepy town for me.
Again, thanks for checking in. I love reading all your comments. They make me smile.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

~Kid Questionnaire~

Hey all, hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. We sure did!! We didn't do a big cookout or anything we just hung out and spent some much needed time as a family. Kevin was home for the whole weekend!! Yeah!! But, he is now in Ohio till Friday!! Bummer!!:( I miss him already.
Here is a pic of the girls on Aundrea's last day of kindergarten. WoW!! I can't believe she will be in 1st grade this fall. She has grown up so much this past year. Some of the mom's I have met from MOPS have been posting a kid questionnaire on their blogs so I thought I would too. So here are Aundrea's answers as Cassie can't talk yet.

1. Who is your favorite person?
Kami (next door neighbor)
2. What is your favorite food that mommy cooks?
3. What do you usually pray for?
friends who are sick
4. What is your favorite place to eat out?
pizza street
( we have only eaten there once, but i guess it made a big impression)
5. What is the silliest thing your daddy does?
tickles me
6. How do your parents know so much?
because you have eyes in the back of your heads
7. Who is Jesus?
he is God in Heaven, Gods Son
8. What is the most important rule?
listening to your mom and dad
9. What is the yuckiest food and why?
corn and corn on the cob, because it is yucky
10. Who are you going to marry?
11. What are you going to name your children?
12. What is the best thing about grandparents?
taking me to toys-r-us to buy toys
and Aundrea wanted to add this question
What is your favorite toy?
(Baby, is a little stuffed bear that Aundrea has had since she was a newborn. We pray that we never lose it because it would just be heartbreaking for all of us. Click here to see Baby.)
Thanks for checking in. I love to know who is has been here so leave me a comment. Thanks to those who do. You rock!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

~Bike Week Part 2~

WoW!!! Thanks again for all the comments!!!
You like me, you really, really like me!! Ha! Ha!
OMG, I had so much fun in Myrtle Beach. I have never had that much fun at the beach before!
I had big plans laying on the beach with a good book or mag. just enjoying myself without a little person bugging me to feed or play with them. Oh, you know I love my kids but a girl needs a break every now and then. Well, my beach towel was never used and my book was never read. I was having so much fun riding the bike with Kevin I never made it to the beach during the day. We did take walks in the evening but it was so windy we could not really enjoy it.

Here are some of the bikes parked at the place we stayed. This is not even the half of them. They were every where.
Ok girls, here you go, me on the bike. Don't I just look like the coolest Biker Mama!! Yah, right?

These are our new helmets. They went all the way to our butts!!
I don't think sooo!!!

And, my new ride. Do you think it suits me? Yah, right!? I will just enjoy riding with Kevin for now.

This is what we saw everywhere. Bikes!! Yes, I'm taking the picture while I'm riding. Don't know I'm that talented, did ya?
Kevin's Dad is on the left and his younger brother, Tyler, is on the right.
This vacation was so good that it has taken me days to recover. It has been so difficult to get back to reality. Like, oh yeh, I have kids to take care of! Hee! Hee!
Thanks so much for checking in.
p.s. Oh, I almost for got. Aundrea and I were in the paper today. Tuesday was Aundrea's last day of school and after school while waiting for our pizza we were playing battmitting in the drive way and a photographer stopped and wanted to take our pic playing. If you are from the local area check out the local section on page B-3. We are star's!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

~Bike Week~

I am in Myrtle Beach, SC attending my first bike week with Kevin, his Dad and younger brother. I am having soooo much fun!!! I'm now a Mama Biker, oops I mean a Biker Mama now. See I'm a newbie. I was not sure how much I would enjoy it but I'm thinking I would like to come back next year. Seein' how I'm new at this, I'm trying to fit in. Kinda hard when the first time I put the helmet on I put it on backwards. Ha!! Ha!! Kevin and I started laughing. I think now I will go buy some leather tank tops, get a tattoo and a piercing or two. Oh now, you know I'm just kidding. Kevin and are enjoying each other without the kids, but we do miss them and hope they miss us. Kevin's mom is at the house watching them so I'm sure they are not even thinking of us.

Must be off. We are on our way out for ice cream. I will try to check back in soon. Later

Thursday, May 1, 2008

~Flower Girls~

First I want to thank you all for leaving me comments!!! You all are so nice!!!
Ok, here are the pics I told you about in the last post. Sunday morning Aundrea was playing with some Gerber Daisy's that I had in a vase. The sun was shining in the living room windows and I thought it was perfect natural lighting for me to play around and take some pics, if Aundrea would let me. I grabbed my camera and mind you it is not the best camera in the world but it works for what I do with it, I asked Aundrea if I could play around and take some pics of her. She said "Yes". I had so much fun playing with her and she did too!! Just take a look at what I captured.

She just looks so sweet in these pictures. I think I did a pretty good job taking them. Ok, you girls that are into photography will have to give me your honest opinion. Just be straight with me I'm a big girl, I can take it.

Now, I had so much fun with Aundrea and I was so pleased with the pictures that I wanted to get some of Cassie. Well, those of you with a 1 1/2 year old know how difficult this can be. She would not sit still for me to get pictures with flowers around her face. So, the top picture I had Aundrea go outside our back door and call her name so she would look out the window. I had to hold the flower behind her head and take the picture at the same time. It was the best picture I could get of her. I think it came out pretty good!!

This picture shows Cassie personality. She is just the funniest little thing ever. She always keeps me laughing and on my toes.
We had a pretty eventful evening. We have had and are under Severe Thunder Storm and Tornado watches. Earlier we had Tornado warnings. My friend, Traci from TX and her husband Jory, were tracking the storms for me. Jory is a volunteer for the National Weather Service so he knows what is going on. We had to go to our basement just to be safe. I had the tv on watching the weather and had Jory on the phone. He was on the computer tracking the storms. He was giving me updates minutes before the tv station posted them. Thank you Jory so much for being on the phone with me. I have to admit I did get a little scared. I did have to put blankets and pillows in our safe place to be ready, but I had to stay calm for the girls sake. Thankfully, nothing happened to us or our home, but it was pretty nerve racking with the weather sirens going off just down the street.
Kevin is on his was home from CA. He is flying to CO and may get stuck there due to snow storms. So tonight I may not get much sleep between waiting on Kevin and more storms due between 12 am and 4 am.
So, thanks for checking in. Hope you enjoyed the pictures.
Catch ya later.
update: Friday 9:40 am~ Kevin made it home. Yeah! He got in the house around 1 am just before the next round of storms hit. We were under severe thunderstorm warning and tornado watch. No tormadic activity was happening. The biggest threat was straight line winds. As usual, Kevin went to bed and I stayed up till 3 am when I knew everything was ok for us. But, this storm did produce a lot of damage on the MO side of the city. Everything is ok for us now, so today I will try to catch up on my sleep.