Wednesday, March 19, 2008

~We are outta here~

We are packing up and leaving for Texas. Yeah! I'm so glad to be getting out of the house. This is a real quick post as Kevin is packing the car and he will have my hide if he knows I'm posting. So, I will try to update while we are gone but we will just have to see if I have time. If not, I will let you all know how our trip went when we get back.
Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your spring break!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

~Where are you~

spring? I love this picture!! I took it several years ago. I even forgot I had it. I just looks so springy. So different from what it looks like outside. I can't believe that Easter is just 1 1/2 weeks away. Everything outside is so brown. No green anywhere. I hope something will bloom before Easter or it won't seem like Easter. We are going to Dallas next weekend to visit my best friend so I hope things will be green there.

I was doing pretty good about posting everyday but then I got sick. I spent all weekend in bed. Then Kevin had to go out of town on Tuesday and won't be back till Sat. I miss him and feel so lonely without him. I miss having an adult to talk to. There is only so much cartoons, kid movies and baby talk one can handle. I have tried to do some scrapbooking and card making but I just can't seem to get in the groove.
I can't think anymore. My head is so tired. I guess I have not got all my energy back from when I was sick. One more day and Kevin will be home. I can't wait!! I can do it, I know I can, I hope!!
Thanks for checking in. Good night!!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

~Things are....~

....getting better. It was light switch had been turned on when Aundrea started feeling better. She became very chatty with me, then she started trying to get out on bed (in my bed Cassie can't get to her) and asking for more food. Around noon a friend dropped off some 7up and Gatorade she offered to get for me and she surprised Aundrea with flowers. How sweet was that!!! It instantly made Aundrea feel better.
Can't you tell? She felt good enough to do some exercise. It looks like Cassie is giving her the evil eye, look "OH NO, she is back among the living". Aundrea is still a little week from not eating enough but she is working on that. She did eat a piece of pizza last night and was asking for popcorn. And her attitude is back full force. She is still asleep this morning. She slept with us again last night. I just wanted her close again this morning in case she may not be able to keep her food down. Kevin slept in our bed too. All three of us in one bed. We have a king size bed, but Aundrea slept right up against my back. Oh, her fever did come down yesterday but it did go back up a little before bed, so she was burning me up. So, Kevin and I did not get much sleep.
Since we spent most of our time in my bedroom, Cassie was finding things to get into. She found a place just big enough for her. She tried to squeeze back in there with her blanket, kitty and a big board book. It was so cute!!! I love how she is starting to smile when I point the camera at her.

She got frustrated so she sat down here to read her book. I love this about her. She will sit and pull her blanket up over her and read a book. She loves books!! Yeah!!!

In other new: My mom is back in the hospital. She went back in yesterday evening with heaviness in her chest and discomfort. There was talk about doing an MRI of her heart since it would be less invasive than a heart cath, but since she was not feeling well they decided to do the cath. It will be done some time today. As of last night they did not know what time and I have not heard from anyone at this time. So could you please pray that nothing serious is wrong and comfort for my mom she is pretty nervous. Thanks and I will keep you posted.
Thanks for checking in and have a good day!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

~No Change~

at the Perry house. Aundrea just laid around all day. She did not leave my bed except to go to the bathroom and to eat breakfast. The rest of the day I let her eat in my bed. She has been able to keep down the jello, Popsicles and mashpotatoes all day yesterday till this morning. She still has a fever. I hate this for her. She has never been this sick in her whole 6 years. It just breaks my heart to see her like this. I don't know how the parents do it when their child is much worse than this. I really makes me thankful this is all I have to deal with. I was telling Kevin last night that it has been nice having her all mellow but this is so not like her I would much rather have her bouncing around the house getting on my nerves than have her look so pitiful.
This is a pic of her last night as we were going to bed. She slept in my bed with me and Kevin slept in the guest bed so I could be close to her at night.

On a brighter note... Here is a card I made last week for a friend. I just love this stamp set...Boho Backgrounds. I was hoping to have a scrapbooking night this evening but with Aundrea sick it will have to wait until she gets better.
Today is Kevin's birthday, I don't know how much celebrating we will do with Aundrea sick.
Thanks for checking in and hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

~It's Here~

The bug....flu...stomach virus....cold.....what ever you want to call it Aundrea got it. Poor baby!!
She had be complaining of a headache yesterday and that her jaw hurt. I just thought that she was getting her 6 yr. molar. She came home from school yesterday and did not look good and she did not feel good and she did not want anything to eat and that is so not like her. She is usually starving when she gets home. She had a slight temp. so I gave her some meds and she just rested all evening last night. Then this morning she came in complaining of her head hurting again and that she needed a drink of water. I could not get her a drink fast enough, she was getting really agitated with me but I think she was feeling like she had to throw up and did not know it because she has only thrown up once in her whole 6 yr life. She is a very healthy girl. Hardly ever gets sick. Thank God!! I can not handle vomit. Luckily, she was in the bathroom so not to much of a mess to clean up and most of it was clear. I told her she was not going to school today and she asked "Why?". Because you are sick I told her. She must have thought I was going to send her to school, because I have never had to keep her home from school because she was sick. This is all new to her. She is now asleep in my bed. I hope we are done with the throwing up because Kevin is busy at work today and he will not be able to come home to help me out. Just pray for Aundrea to get better and strength for me to clean up any vomit!!
This stuff is going around. Lots of kids and teachers are out of school. I was going to go to MOPS this morning. Allyson had asked me to bring a hot dish because she had some mom's cancel due to the sickness. I said sure I can help out. Not now. I have to call her a cancel myself. Bummer!!!
Oh well, life goes on.
I was going to download a pic for you but blogger is having some problems. I will try again later.
Thanks for checking in and sorry if I grossed anyone out.
Life as a mother, you gotta love it.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

~Card and Prayer Request~

Sorry I've been such a bad blogger. I will try to do better, that's all I can do.
So, here are some cards I made this morning. Sorry for the blurry pic, but you get the jest.
The little jewel flowers I found at Achiever's in the hot spot. I got this pink that I used on the cards above, lt. purple and lt. green. So cute!!! I only bought one package each. I wish I bought more because I'm afraid I going to use them up. Oh well, we will see if they have anymore the next time I go.
In other news: My mom went in the hospital last night with chest pain. EKG and blood work came back good except low potassium. She had a stress test this morning. Still waiting on that result. So if you are the praying kind, please say a prayer that all is well and she can go home tonight. She lives in West Virginia and I hate not being there but family is keeping me posted and I have talked to her. She is very tired because she had to sleep in the ER last night. So not much sleep there. Thanks for your prayers.
Thanks for checking in. Have a great day.
Update: Mom came home this evening. All test came back good. Thank God!! They gave her a new water pill that will not drain her potassium and she is to see her doctor in one month. She is doing ok, just very tired. No rest in the hospital.
Thanks to everyone for your prayers.