Monday, February 25, 2008

~Thank You Card~

Good Morning!! Wow!! I can't believe I'm up this early. It's amazing how one feels after getting a good night sleep. When I woke up I thought that Aundrea slept all night but then I remembered that she did get up once last night to go to the bathroom. She always comes in to get me (i know this has to stop!!) but she always says something like I'm scared or I can't sleep, which she said last night. Must not have been that big of a problem because she went back to sleep and so did I. Then in the morning while Kevin is getting ready for work Elliott will whine or bark to go out and wake her up. Then she will get in to bed with me. Most time it is ok, but I like to have the morning to myself for a while but this almost never happens. I like the peace and quite. Like at night when they are in bed. That is why I stay up so late. So, what am I doing? What else, stampin!!! I started making Aundrea's thank you cards last night while watching the Oscars. Didn't know many of the movies so I got a lot of cutting done. These cards turned out so sweet!! I got the idea for this card from Angie. She had made a card similar to this one that made me buy this stamp set, For a Friend. So I need to hop off and get to stampin. Oh, I have my next Stampers Club meeting tonight. I'll post pics of what we make later tonight or in the morning if I get another good nights sleep. We will see.
Thanks for checking in and have a great day.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

~My Tinker Bells~

I had to run out to the post office this morning. Not something I love to do because there is always a line a mile long and each customer takes at least 30 min to do their business. I know I'm exaggerating a bit but that is what it seems like. I don't take the girls because of the long never ending wait. So the girls stayed home with Kevin. The above pic is what I came home too. Aundrea had dressed herself and Cassie up as Tinker Bell. My day instantly got better. They just looked so cute!!! Cassie just loved being dressed up. I'm so glad of this because it is something Aundrea loves to do and now they can do it together. They were fluttering around the house playing so well together. They look so cute!!!
Here is Tinker Bells house. No, it is not a lantern that Tink likes to live in but it will do.

And here are my two little Tinks in their home.
They just make me smile!!!!! I just love these two!!!!
Well, I'm off to stamp. I need to make Aundrea's thank you cards.
Have a great day and thanks for looking!!
p.s. Don't miss the post below of a baby card I made.

~Baby Card~

Real quick.
Here is a baby card I made last weekend. While my Mom was visiting she got word that one of her co-workers daughter had her baby. So, you know what I said? Do you need a card? So this is what I came up with. The layout I made up myself, but I did you the scallop punch design from the front of the Stampin' Up SAB mini.
I think it turned out pretty cute.
Thanks for looking.
Have a great day.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

~Hawaiian Day~

So sorry I've been gone so long. We have had a busy week with Aundrea's birthday and family visiting. So here are some updates.

Today at Aundrea's school is Hawaiian Day. A big contrast to what the day really is. A cold, sleeting, and raining ice day. I was so surprised that they were not out of school. Well, I could not send her to school in a bathing suit, althought she would have wore it. Yesterday was flip flop day. I sent her in warm shoes with the flip flops in her back pack. I told her she could change into her flip flops when she gets to school. Well, I failed to tell her to change back into her warm shoes when she comes home. OOPS!! She walked off the bus with, you guess it. Her flip flops!!! It did not get above 20 degrees all day yesterday!!!!Kids!!!
Anyway, this a laie (did I spell that right?) my parents brought back from a trip to Hawaii. I put it on her to wear as a necklace but she wanted it on her head. I think she just looks so cute!!
I can't wait for warmer weather!!! neaither can the kids.
Below are some pics from Aundrea's birthday. Kevin came home early and met her off the bus. She was so surprised and excited. I had the house decorated with balloons and tinker bell decor. She opened presents then we had dinner (which was pizza and bread sticks) and cake.
This is what her MawMaw and Paw Paw Stephens sent her. Thanks! She is really good at jumping on her hopscotch rug.

Goodies from Aunt Chelle. She loved her Tinker Bell jewelery box. Thanks!!

And her goodies from us and Cassie.

Here is the card I made for her birthday. She loves butterflies and flowers so this stamp set was perfect. Sorry I don't have the name of the stamp set at the moment, I do know it is a SU retired set.

Here she is patiantly waiting to blow out her candles. I made this cake per her request. I figured I better make it because later she may not want a homemade cakes. Anyway, she requested a chocolate cake with pink icing. That's my girl!! She also wanted flowers on it. Well, I'm not so good at making flowers out of icing so I did what I'm good at. Stampin!!

I stamped Big Blossom and the butterfly set on white card stock and cut them out. I attached them to skewers and stuck them in the cake and wala!!! I think it turned out pretty good and she loved it and that is all that matters. Oh, the candle colors were her choice as well.
Thanks for looking and sorry for such a long post, I just wanted to get you all updated.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

~Happy Valentine's Day~

I have the best husband in the world. He sent me these beautiful roses. He does not send be flowers very often so I’m always surprised to get them. He is out of town so I’m extra surprised.
Here are the girls with their Valentine’s Day gift. I found these adorable hippos at our grocery store. Aren’t they just so stinkin cute!!! As soon as I saw them I know I had to get them for the girls, plus I knew what stamp set to use for their cards. Can you guess which one? Pun Fun, what else!

I just love how this card turned out, and how fast I was able to make it. I made two in about 30 min. That is fast for me. I just love this stamp set. (Pun Fun) I just love that I had the set so I could match the card to the gift. Any stampers out there that don't have this one, it is a must have.

I don't buy the girls many stuffed animals because they just have way to many and they don't play with many of them, but this is just the cutest thing I have ever seen. When I bought them, I had them in my shopping cart and was thinking this must have been what it was like for my Mom having to buy two of everything.

Here is Aundrea at her Valentine’s party at school. She got lots of cards and candy and had fun passing out her valentine's too.

Hope everyone is have a sweet Valentine's Day.
Thanks for checking in. I will post pics of Aundrea's birthday soon. Stay tuned.

Monday, February 11, 2008

~Happy Birthday Aundrea~

Here is my baby at 1 month old.
Isn't she the cutiest baby you have ever seen?!!!!

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to Aundrea,Happy Birthday to you!

WoW!! I can't believe she is 6 years old. I look a pics of when she was younger and I find myself saying "Where has my little baby gone?"She is growing up too fast.

While she is at school, I'm going to wrap presents, finish decorating the cake, pick up balloons and put up a few birthday decorations. She will be surpised when she gets home. Also, Kevin is getting off of work early so he will be here when she gets home. She does not know he will be here.

I will post later of all the fesivities of tonight.

Stay warm, or cool where ever you are.

Thanks for checking in.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

~Poor Baby~

Cassie got her first booboo. Well, her first booboo that required a band-aid. I found some blood on the dishwasher and had to search for who was bleeding. Obviously, nothing serious because no one was screaming. But we found the culprit. Cassie had cut her thumb. We found a piece of paper with blood on it so we think she got a paper cut.

As you can tell, she does not like having the band-aid on. She kept coming up to Kevin, Aundrea and me to take it off. She is getting use to it now.
This will be one for the scrapbook.
I will right more later. We have a busy day ahead. Aundrea's birthday is tomorrow so we have a day of cleaning, cake baking, goody bag making, valentine making (party at school on Tues.), and birthday card making.
Have a good day. Thanks for checking in.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

~Snow & Cards~

Good Evening!! We got snow today, well last night and this morning. Aundrea was out of school today. She was very excited about this. She loves to stay home with Cassie and me. She has been jump roping all day. She is getting better and better. I’m just glad to see her do something she likes to do. She likes to dance so we tried dance classes last fall but she does not want to do it again. She just doesn’t like to be in front of a lot of people. Jump roping is great for her. She can do it in the privacy of her own home. She got started by participating in Jump Rope for Hearts at school. She says “I’m jump ropin’ for hearts” while she is jumping.

Last night after the girls went to bed I went to go to my craft room and made some cards. The first one here was made for a friend’s birthday. I bought the stamp from Jenn D. She is super talented. Check out her blog here. She was saleing some of her retired sets and I had to grab this one. I have seen it used with the kissing technique. I had to have it so I could try it. I love this stamp and doing the technique. It gives the card a soft look. I plan to make more in a card set to give away as a gift. I was inspired to make this card from a card I saw on SCS. Sorry I don’t remember who made it. It was just so cute I had to make one.

This card was made just because. I love this stamp set and have not used it much so I gave it a try. This is my original idea. I don’t do many of these. Most cards I make have been inspired from other cards. I think this one turned out pretty good. I just might give it to Kevin for Valentines Day if I don’t make something else.
Thanks for checkn' in. Let me know you've been here.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

~Miss Wild Thing~

Okay, here she is. Miss Wild Thing. Yesterday was wild hair day at Aundrea’s school. So we came up with the plan to put several little ponytails in her hair and tease it up. I know you can’t tell much in the pic but it looked really cool. I didn’t tease too much or use any hairspray (her hair is really thin, like mine). It just would have been a fight to comb it all out later. I just love this girl!!. She can be soooo sweet and sassy at the same time.
Today is hat day at school. She asked if she could wear a crown. I’m thinking well it is on her head, so yea, wear your crown and wear it proud. I forgot to get a pic before she left for school. I will get one when she gets home and post later.
Sorry I have not been posting much lately. I’m just trying to get back in the swing of things after all the company we had this past month. I think now that Aundrea is off to school and Cassie is napping I will go get crafty. Thanks for looking and let me know you have stopped by.