Tuesday, December 29, 2009

~Christmas Day~

I have lots to share with you about what has been keeping me so busy and not blogging.
So I thought I would start with Christmas Day. The girls were up late Christmas Eve so they slept in Christmas morning. They got up about 8:30am. Thank God we have kids that like to sleep!! Of course the first thing they run down stairs to see if Santa came. I don't know if we will ever get pics of them coming down the stairs. I guess we would have to be up before them. Hmmm...don't know if that will ever happen?

Santa brought Aundrea...Polly roller coaster water park, Little Pet Shop Pet Daycare, and a MP3 player. Cassie... a plane, train, and baby doll. We could hear squeals of delight. I guess Santa did good!!!

Kevin hand made a jewelery box for Aundrea. He had been working on it for a couple of months and Aundrea had seen all his progress and even picked out the color of the lining on the inside bu she never knew if was for her. She was very surprised and excited it was for her.

I had found some scrap fabric in a quilt shop back in October that would just look so cute for a little girls blanket. But I didn't have enough to make a big blanket for both of my girls so I made a baby doll blanket for each of them. They were so excited and loved the blankets. It just makes my heart smile to see that my girls love handmade gifts not just the store bought ones.

A white Christmas... we had!!! We got a lot of the beautiful white stuff. When we opened the front door we pushed the snow, if drifted so much. We had 7 to 10 inch.

Here is where the snow drifted up against our back door.

Here are the girls playing with the easel that my mom and dad sent Cassie. Hours of fun!!

Another snow drift at the side of our house.

Kevin took the girls out back to built a snow fort.

The fort did not do to well on the grass so Kevin shoveled off the patio and built if there. Cassie came in but Aundrea stayed outside and helped her Daddy. We had a great Christmas day just enjoying each other. We had our big dinner Christmas Eve with friends (that will be in another post). So we had leftovers Christmas day which made it nice that I didn't have to cook but just enjoy my family. I hope you all had a great Christmas and are looking forward to the new year.
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Thursday, November 19, 2009

~15 Years Ago Today...~

I married the man of my dreams!!! We were high school sweethearts.
We met in the back set of a car.
Get your head out of the gutters. My parents read this blog.
We met during drivers ed class in the back set of the car.
What were you thinking? LOL!!! I just love telling that story. Hee!Hee!
We married at the age of 20. Yea we were young but we would not change a thing. We have learned a lot over the years about life and each other. Our love has grown stronger and deeper.
I love that man of mine. Not only does he take care of me, puts up with me, he even cleans and cooks. Now that is what a girls needs. His Mama raised one heck of a man!!!

Sorry about the bad pic. I just took a pic of our wedding pic on the wall.
We don't have any big plans to go out tonight since it is a school night but Kevin has planned something for us this weekend. Our babysitters are high school age girls and I don't like to have them out late on a school night.
Look what Cassie did for our anniversary. She colored a beautiful picture for us.....
What a lovely gift. Kevin found our little present last night just before we went to bed. So that is what I had to look forward to this morning. Cleaning crayon off the walls. Happy Anniversary to me!!

I could not get a good pic of the walls because they are a dark green. As she walked up the stairs she used a red crayon to make a mark on the wall, all the way up. WD-40 worked wonders!!! We both thought she should help clean up some how. I didn't want to chance her putting her hands in her mouth with WD-40 on them so I made her sit next to me as I cleaned. But she did use a wippy to clean off the table. I love the way she holds her mouth to clean. She takes that after her Daddy.

Cassie is not the only little artist in our house. Aundrea did the same thing when she was a bit younger than Cassie. Here is a scrapbook page I did for the event.
For all my hard work I'm going to the premiere of NEW MOON tonight with some friends.
Yeah, I can't wait. I hate that it lands on our anniversary but Kevin and I discussed it and well we could not go out tonight anyway so he said he would stay home with the kids so I can go. I tell ya, WHAT A MAN, WHAT A MAN, WHAT MIGHTY GOOD MAN.
Plus, he can't stand crowds and there will be crowds. Mostly screaming women. He would not be able to stand that. So he is taking one for the team.
Thanks Hun!! You are the best!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

~Fall Fun 2009~

First I have to thank you so much for all the wonderful comments!!! The girls loved hearing about them. No, Donna I have not thought ahead to Christmas, but you have me thinking!
This is the view from our back door. I love the beautiful colors of Fall. Now most of the leaves are gone. It has been so windy here.
I just love this picture. I really shows what a great big sister Aundrea is with her protective arms around her little sister and her first best friend, Elliott.

Kevin got out the leaf blower and piled up some leaves for the girls to play in, so I took the opportunity to take some Fall pics. They are such hams.

I love how I can get action shots with our awesome camera.

And of course, a family pic. Hope you enjoyed more pics of my family.
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Monday, November 2, 2009

~2009 Halloween Costumes~

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween. We did!!!
First I had to show you my one and only Halloween craft project. I have seen these on blogs and thought I can do that. So I went rummaging through Kevin's wood pile and found some scrap wood to use. My sweet husband cut, sanded and stained the wood for me. Then I added all the embellishments. I love them!!

Here are my sweet girls!! As you can tell Aundrea was an American Indian named Princess Wildflower and Cassie was a Ladybug Princess. Don't you think they are just the cutest kids in the world?!!! NO, I'm not bias.

Yes, that is my handy work. I made the wings and skirt. I saw the fabric at Hobby Lobby and thought of a ladybug. I asked Cassie if she wanted to be a ladybug and she said Yes. I could not wait to make it. Then one day she says she wants to be a Princess so I said How about a Ladybug Princess. She agreed. I think the costume turned out stinkin' cute!!

Here is Aundrea doing her Indian dance. I was going to make her costume too but time got away from me and we were getting ready to go to West Virginia and I just didn't have time to do a good job so I bought this one in the stores. Aundrea was fine with that and she loved her costume. She makes the best Indian with her dark hair, eyes and skin tone. So cute!!!!

Here they are before trick-or-treating. Aundrea was helping Cassie take flight. We had great weather. It was a little chilly but the girls had a blast. A couple of times I had to remind Cassie to say Thank you. One time I said to Cassie "What do you say (after getting candy)"? Cassie said "What did I get"? Yeah, finding out what candy you get in so much more important than your manners. What was I thinking?
Hope you enjoyed seeing the pics.
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

~Projects in the Works~

Lookie Lookie!! I love me some fabric. Always have, always will!! Did you know I dabbled in quilting. Just a little, before big missy was born. About a month or so ago I found the web site for Moda Fabrics. I love this line of fabrics because it is already cut. That was the part I hated, loathed about quilting. On the web site it has picture tutorials on how to make a project and what you need to make it. I have 3 I'm going to make. Yea, like I need another hobby but it is just eating me up inside to get my sewing machine out and running. I'm so excited to get started on my projects. I will keep you updated on how it is going.

Now, on to what Kevin in doing. He is finishing the space under the stars in the basement. It will be a play room for the girls. He worked on it all weekend while I was out of town. He got a lot done and it looks great. The girls are all excited to have a little space to play.

I will keep you posted on how we are doing on our projects.
Have a great day!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

~Cassie is Potty Trained~

Cassie has been showing an interest in potty training since she was 18 months old. Remember this post from Sept. of last year? She did not have it all together then. This summer when we would catch her in a dry diaper and sit her on the potty and she would pee. Then I just had to buckle down and just do nothing but spend time with her on the potty. With Aundrea, she sat on the little potty and watched movies so she would get what it felt like to go, which worked for her. Not so much for Cassie. She is a on the go girl. A week before she turned 3 we went for it. We tried watching movies, play games and color while Cassie sat on the potty. Not too many messes the first day she did pretty good and the second day went pretty well until playing outside she had many accidents. I was about to give up. Then the third day she got it. SCORE!!!

Now about 3 weeks later she is doing great. She is even going to the potty independently. Now doing #2 I had no idea how to get her to do it in the potty. Every one said she will do it when she was ready, and she did. I'm so glad this milestone is over. It hit me one day that there is 3 girls in my house and we all wear panties. I bet you all feel better knowing that. WOW!! I don't have any babies anymore. :(Now a pro and using the potty Cassie is teaching her baby and Aundrea's baby to potty.

This is where the babies go potty. Doesn't she look like a proud mama and so grown up.

She goes to preschool next week. We went today to get her a new backpack and supplies and she is so ready to go. She met one of her teachers yesterday at her school open house. She is so excited to go.

Well gotta go. Till the next post. Have a good day!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

~Aundrea Learns To Ride a Bike~

Last week Kevin bought us all (except Cassie) new bikes. Well, new bikes to us, they are used bikes. He found them on Craig's List. He found some really great deals. The bikes are all made in the USA and are high quality bikes. He bought all 3 for less than we could have bought one of our bikes new. AWESOME!!! The whole idea behind getting new bikes was so we can take family bike rides together. Which is what we did this past weekend. But first, we had to teach Aundrea how to ride without training wheels.

We rode out to the end of our subdivision to a cul-da-sac that is lacking in houses. The street had a slight slope which is ideal for teaching her to ride a bike. Kevin did all the teaching. He was amazingly patient with Aundrea. He made her fell comfortable and safe. She was having fun!!

She did it!! Can you tell she is balancing? I was so surprised at how fast she caught on. I was so happy for her. Cassie and I were jumping up and down cheering for her. She still needs practice and experience which will bring confidence. During our bike rides this past weekend she used her training wheels. Kevin moved them up so she would have to balance and she did and she was so excited.

Oh, I forgot to tell you. Kevin is trying out for the Circus!!!
Just kidding!!
He was just showing Aundrea something and being silly.
Where does Cassie ride, you ask. She rides in a kid set on Kevin's bike and loves it.
Well I'm off. I have chores to do. Later.