Saturday, December 20, 2008

~Oh, Christmas Tree~

We decorated our tree a couple of weeks ago but as I said in my last post I have been busy so that is why I'm just know getting around to posting about it. We get a live tree every year. I love live trees. I guess because I grew up always having one every Christmas and you can't beat the smell. Christmas Pine, mmm love it!!!

I do a Gingerbread theme with red and gold round ornaments.
I just love the candyness (i know that is not a word) of it. The red and white, peppermint, and whimsical of it all. I am always on the look out for anything gingerbread. I even make my Christmas cards with gingerbread on them. I will show you later my cards. They just went out in the mail today. I don't want the reveal my cards just yet.

The evening we decorated our tree we started after dinner so by the time we got the lights on we only had time to get the red and gold ornaments on and then it was bed time. The girls put all them on and did a great job. I told them we can finish it the next day. Well, the next day Aundrea was up at 7 am and could not understand why we did not want to get up. The sun was up so we had to be up. NOT!!! So she goes for reinforcements. AKA, Cassie. She gets her sister up thinking we will get up. Not so much. Then Aundrea asked if they can put the other ornaments on. Kevin and I, loving our sleep, and wanting some peace and quiet we said "Sure knock yourselves out." I can always fix the tree later, I thought. We finally get up because, dangit we have to feed the kids. You'd think if they can decorate a tree they can feed themselves. I just could not wait to see what they did to the tree. When I walked into the living room, Gasp!!! The tree was beautiful!!! Seriously!!! I could not believe it! They did a great job!! Yeah! I did not have to finish it.
Decorate tree. Check.
One thing off of my to do list.
Here is out birds nest. When buying a live tree there is always a chance that you will find a nest. I can't remember ever finding one until now. After we picked out the tree I said let's see if there is a nest in it and sure enough there was. It is said to be good luck. We will see. We took it out and brought it home to put in the tree once we had it in place.
What a beautiful gift of nature.
I hope to have more Christmas decor for you soon. Things are starting to slow down. Aundrea is out of school till next year. My Christmas cards and gift tags are done. I'm feeling much better with things getting checked of my list. I hope things are running smoothly for you all and you can just sit and enjoy the Christmas season.
Thanks for checking and have a great day and thanks for your comments I love to read them.


Anonymous said...

Your tree is so beautiful! Boy that camera is great!

It looks like the girls had a great time decorating the tree. Plus, it gives Mommy and Daddy one less thing to do :)

Happy Holidays to you all!!

emily said...

where ya been?!
not a blogger anymore?