Thursday, January 22, 2009

~!!!WARNING!!! Long Post!!!~

Ok, I'm back. It has been over a month since my last post. I have no excuses, just that I have not posted. I'm WARNING you this is a long one so hang on.

BELIEVE me it is long. This is a pic of my mantel decorated for Christmas. I love this picture!! In my MOPS group we had a secret sister. My secret sister gave me this Believe sign. I love it!! I have wanted one forever and I was so excited to get it. Thanks Noreen!! You rock!!

Here is our family picture. We put our camera on a tripod and took it ourselves. This picture went out in our Christmas cards.

Here are the girls on Christmas Eve in their Christmas PJ's.
Don't they look so sweet and loving!!!

They can be playful and aggravating to each other too!!

I love this picture!!
Cassie rockin' out!!

Here is what Santa brought the girls. I love my camera and the awesome flash. The room was completely dark except for the tree lights. The flash provided all the light. AWESOME!!
This is the only picture we have of Christmas day. Pout!!! In the middle of the night I woke up sick. Throwing up sick. As the girls were running down the stairs I could hear Aundrea say "Is Mom sick?" Yeah, Christmas day was not a good day for me. Kevin is not a big picture taker and I was not feeling good so no pics for that day. The girls loved all their toys and played with them for hours. I slept most of the day. I did see them open their Santa toys and presents later in the day, then it was back to bed for me. Thank God that Kevin or the girls did not get sick.

My parents, brother and sister came the next day. By that evening I was feeling better to eat Christmas dinner. We had planned on cooking Christmas dinner on the 25th but with me sick we waited till my family came on Friday to have the big dinner. Lucky for them they got fresh Christmas dinner instead of leftovers.

Here are some of the pictures of the gifts that my family brought the girls.

My Mom and Cassie.

I know this picture is blurry but it is just too cute!!

My Dad and Cassie.

Cassie loves her PaPaw!

Well if you have made it this far then you don't look like Cassie and have fallin asleep.
We had a long day that day, shopping a crown center and she just crawled up on my brothers lap and went to sleep before dinner. My Mom, Sister and I were card making and Dad and Kevin were making dinner. I thought that Cassie was being too quite so I went looking for her and could not find her. I had already walked by Anthony once but when I came back I saw her asleep in his arms. That is why she was so quiet.
Thanks for making it this far. Again, sorry for the long post but I wanted to get you updated. Thanks for all the requests to update my blog. I do enjoy doing it. So leave me a comment and give me some blog lovin.
Have a good day!!!


Anonymous said...

YEA! I was so glad to see a new post!

I love the mantal picture with the believe sign. You are so artistic and able to put things together.

It looks like everyone had a wonderful time over the holidays. Thanks for sharing the pictures!!!


Lisa said...

Thank you for the update! Love the pictures!

Anonymous said...

It is just wonderful to get to see the new pictures. Also to know that you are feeling better. Thanks for letting us share your special times together. Wishing you all peace and love. Dad perry.