Friday, March 27, 2009

~Cassie's First Hair Cut and a Makeover for Aundrea~

I finally took Cassie to get her hair cut. Her hair has needed to be cut for a long time but I just could not bring myself to do it. It would mean that she is growing up and not a baby anymore. Also, her hair was and still is long enough to do pig tails, which she loves. She ask me every morning to put them in.
She looks so serious in these two pics but she loved her hair cut. She acted like a big girl and like she had been doing this for along time.

The hair stylist put pig tails in since she loves them.

Get ready for this one. Aundrea got her hair cut too. Her hair style was all her idea and I let her go for it. I love how brave she is to try a new style. I wish I could be so brave. I have often thought about getting my hair cut short, but to scared.

Yes, that short!! I was so surprised when she said she wanted it that way. Every bath time was not that fun to comb out the tangles. I was always telling her I was going to get her hair cut short and she did not like that idea.

She loves her hair cut!! And so do the rest of us. She just looks so cute!!!
This picture was taken at our friends house in Texas. I'm so sorry for not blogging lately but right after the last post we went to TX to visit friends for spring break. I just did not want to say that on my blog. My charger for my computer has been going bad and while we were in TX it died, therefore my computer died. So we had to order another and I had to be without a computer. OH, NO! What was I going to do? While it was kinda nice to be without it. I was doing so good about updating the blog before I left so I hated missing posting. So now I have a new charger and I'm up and running. I have lots of post to share with you all. Family and crafty stuff.
Thanks for hanging in there with me. I hope you will come back.
Have a great day, evening or weekend. We are going be get snow tomorrow (Saturday). Pray for my plants. Later.

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Anonymous said...

Cassie looks so cute getting her first hair cut. Aundrea's hair is so cute!