Thursday, August 27, 2009

~Cassie is Potty Trained~

Cassie has been showing an interest in potty training since she was 18 months old. Remember this post from Sept. of last year? She did not have it all together then. This summer when we would catch her in a dry diaper and sit her on the potty and she would pee. Then I just had to buckle down and just do nothing but spend time with her on the potty. With Aundrea, she sat on the little potty and watched movies so she would get what it felt like to go, which worked for her. Not so much for Cassie. She is a on the go girl. A week before she turned 3 we went for it. We tried watching movies, play games and color while Cassie sat on the potty. Not too many messes the first day she did pretty good and the second day went pretty well until playing outside she had many accidents. I was about to give up. Then the third day she got it. SCORE!!!

Now about 3 weeks later she is doing great. She is even going to the potty independently. Now doing #2 I had no idea how to get her to do it in the potty. Every one said she will do it when she was ready, and she did. I'm so glad this milestone is over. It hit me one day that there is 3 girls in my house and we all wear panties. I bet you all feel better knowing that. WOW!! I don't have any babies anymore. :(Now a pro and using the potty Cassie is teaching her baby and Aundrea's baby to potty.

This is where the babies go potty. Doesn't she look like a proud mama and so grown up.

She goes to preschool next week. We went today to get her a new backpack and supplies and she is so ready to go. She met one of her teachers yesterday at her school open house. She is so excited to go.

Well gotta go. Till the next post. Have a good day!!


Anonymous said...

I don't know if I can handle all the updates within a week's time!

What a big girl Cassie is. I know it was a little stressful but glad that she is all potty trained now.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Whoopy, Great, Way to ago, Yahoo, High-Fiver, Terrific, Sensational, Joy-Joy-Joy. From the little baby we stayed up with all night, when just a week old to a little adoreable young lady. How time fly's. We love you Cassie.

Aundrea!! congratulations on becoming an accomplished bicylist. Keep up the good work. Next you can ask Dad to teach you to drive a car. maybe you teach Grandma and I how to ride a bike.

We Love you Aundrea.

Hope to see you all in a few months.

Love PawPaw and Grandma Herr