Monday, August 24, 2009

~Cassie's New Bed~

About a month or two ago Kevin hand built Cassie her big girl bed. He is the most talented man ever!!! It only took him two weekends to complete it. He built it with poplar wood and bead board. The bed is very solid and it is a bed that she will keep till she moves out. It is a twin bed with a trundle. He has not made the trundle yet but the plan is to have one for sleep overs or when we have guest over Aundrea can sleep on the trundle so guest can sleep in her bed. With this bed made for a trundle it is pretty tall, so Kevin built her a ladder to get in and out of the bed. She can climb in and out without it but the ladder looks so cute and just "makes" the bed, and she loves to climb up and down it.
Yesterday we moved her furniture around to make everything fit better and so she can get to her toys better. Here are the before and after pics.

The bedding I LOOOVVVEE!! I found it online at Target and then went to Target to just buy sheets thinking that I would have to order the bedding online. Our Target here had the set. I was so happy that I did not have to wait for it to ship. I love these colors, pink and brown, plus Cassie loves polka-dots. Like you couldn't tell from her B-day party. The bed skirt is satin with tulle over it. Very Princessie!!

She loves her bed. Can't you tell? When she was in her crib she slept with her head toward the door. I wondered if she would change or sleep the same in her new bed. Nope, she still sleeps with her head toward the door just like she did in her crib. No big deal I just thought it was interesting. Anyway, hope you enjoy the pics. Kevin plans to make Aundrea a loft bed. She is all excited to get it in her room. He should be getting started here in a couple of weeks. This time it will not be so hot outside when he does it. I will keep you all posted.
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Anonymous said...

I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE her new bedding. You are right, it is so cute! I am sure it is even cuter in person instead of seeing a picture online. I love the way you moved her room around, so clean and a much better layout.

KEVIN - Wow, you are talented!!


Augusta said...

Wonderful bedding set for baby girl room... Pink color is best for girls... Love this one so much!!

Anonymous said...

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