Thursday, November 19, 2009

~15 Years Ago Today...~

I married the man of my dreams!!! We were high school sweethearts.
We met in the back set of a car.
Get your head out of the gutters. My parents read this blog.
We met during drivers ed class in the back set of the car.
What were you thinking? LOL!!! I just love telling that story. Hee!Hee!
We married at the age of 20. Yea we were young but we would not change a thing. We have learned a lot over the years about life and each other. Our love has grown stronger and deeper.
I love that man of mine. Not only does he take care of me, puts up with me, he even cleans and cooks. Now that is what a girls needs. His Mama raised one heck of a man!!!

Sorry about the bad pic. I just took a pic of our wedding pic on the wall.
We don't have any big plans to go out tonight since it is a school night but Kevin has planned something for us this weekend. Our babysitters are high school age girls and I don't like to have them out late on a school night.
Look what Cassie did for our anniversary. She colored a beautiful picture for us.....
What a lovely gift. Kevin found our little present last night just before we went to bed. So that is what I had to look forward to this morning. Cleaning crayon off the walls. Happy Anniversary to me!!

I could not get a good pic of the walls because they are a dark green. As she walked up the stairs she used a red crayon to make a mark on the wall, all the way up. WD-40 worked wonders!!! We both thought she should help clean up some how. I didn't want to chance her putting her hands in her mouth with WD-40 on them so I made her sit next to me as I cleaned. But she did use a wippy to clean off the table. I love the way she holds her mouth to clean. She takes that after her Daddy.

Cassie is not the only little artist in our house. Aundrea did the same thing when she was a bit younger than Cassie. Here is a scrapbook page I did for the event.
For all my hard work I'm going to the premiere of NEW MOON tonight with some friends.
Yeah, I can't wait. I hate that it lands on our anniversary but Kevin and I discussed it and well we could not go out tonight anyway so he said he would stay home with the kids so I can go. I tell ya, WHAT A MAN, WHAT A MAN, WHAT MIGHTY GOOD MAN.
Plus, he can't stand crowds and there will be crowds. Mostly screaming women. He would not be able to stand that. So he is taking one for the team.
Thanks Hun!! You are the best!!


moneq said...

hi..i'm munira . shall i be your friend? because.. when i read your blog, its interesting.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Kevin! You all looked so young in your wedding picture. Hard to believe we are all older!

Cassie is just your little tester huh? I am glad it all came out. I remember when Aundrea did it and you scrubbed with the "magic eraser" thing.


Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa,
I know I am a little partial, but I think Kevin's Dad had a lot of input on raising 3 wonderful sons.