Wednesday, June 11, 2008

~Aundrea's Make Over~

Aundrea has been growing her hair out since Sept of last year. Just a couple of weeks ago she said she wanted to get it cut up to her shoulders and her bangs cut. I was like YEAH!!! She just looks more like a young girl with her hair and bangs short. Don't get me wrong, she still looked cute with the long hair and bangs but so grown up and I'm not ready for her to be grown up.
Here is her before....
and after.
She really didn't want me to take her picture so this is the best one I got. Doesn't she look cute, though!!! My little girl is back!!!

Marietta is one of the moms I met at MOPS and she is a hair stylist who does hair and make-up out of her home. She is so sweet and she did a great job on Aundrea's hair and mine, but this is about Aundrea's make over. It was so cute, Aundrea told Marietta exactly what she wanted. Oh, how she is growing up. She already knows how she wants her hair.

Ok, here is an ode to Emily and her self portrait. I took this pic of us before our hair cuts. I usually don't take good self pics but I think this pic turned out pretty cute.

This is totally a random pic, but I had to post it. This is our dog, Elliott, and he puts up with a lot from the girls. Mostly from Aundrea. Aundrea put her robe on him and I thought it was just too funny. See the glowing eyes, ( this usually happens in his pics) but I think he is shooting darts at Aundrea for this humiliation.
Again, thanks for all the well wishes for Cassie's boo boo. She is healing up nicely. I hope to post again soon. Kevin's family will be here on Friday and we all will be leaving on Sunday for South Dakota. So, my next post may be while I'm on vacation. Catch ya later.


Traci said...

Ok, Elliot in the pink robe is priceless.

I LOVE Aundrea's hair. It is just a girl haircut! I am glad she likes it.

Cassie and that thumb! Have fun on your trip.


Jason & Rene said...

Great pictures! I think Aundrea's hair looks so sweet and cute cut short. I've been "contemplating" cutting Tatum's..but have not done it yet.
oh and the picture of your dog in a pink rob is hysterical.

have a great vacation

Anonymous said...

when are you going to update your blog, girly!?!?!?

we need to hang.

emily said...

i love her hair cut!!

and love the self portrait turned out really well :)

hope you're doing good!