Monday, June 9, 2008

~Storms and Boo Boo's~

WOW!!! I can't believe that it has been so long since my last post. Time does fly.
I totally meant to post last Monday but we had a storm and it was not to kind to my connection.
Thank you all for all your well wishes about my allergies. You guys are so sweet!! I woke up the next morning all dried up and doing great. It was back to business.

This is where the girls sat during last Monday's storm while I made breakfast. Cassie did not like the thunder so Aundrea was being very good big sister by telling her that everything will be ok, that mommy and sissy are here. So sweet!! It made my heart smile to see Aundrea taking care of her little sister.
Here is a picture of the storm that rolled through yesterday evening. This picture I took while standing in my drive way. The sky looks freaky but beautiful all at the same time. I'm soooo scared of ever seeing or being hit by a tornado but I can't pull my eyes off of the sky.
I will probably be the person that has to be pulled into safety because I'm frozen looking at a tornado, but then I'm the first person to suggest we go in the basement. I know, I'm weird!

Here is a quick pic of Cassie after I patched up her boo boo. She and I were sitting in our recliner and she was trying to get up and somehow she fell over the arm and hit her chin on the edge of a wood filling cabinet beside the chair. The cut was only about 1/2" wide but deeper than a little cut. It didn't bleed much at all. I calmly freaked out and ran upstairs and called my neighbor who is a nurse to see what she thought about having to take her to the ER. Which I did not want to do. It was 9pm and Kevin had left for OH Sunday evening. Well, my nurse neighbor was not home so I call Teresa, my life saver when Kevin is gone, who came over to help me out. In the mean time Kevin called and said to go to the drug store and get the skin glue. Teresa said the same thing, that's what the ER would do she thought as well. So, Teresa stayed with the girls while I got all the supplies. When I got back Teresa helped me patch her up. Cassie did not fight us or try to pull anything off. She even slept all night with out pulling it off. She is such a trooper!!! I know the bandage makes it look bad. Today I found the water proof band-aids that look so much better. The band-aid does not bother her at all.
Well, I'm going to soooo try to post again this week. Kevin is out of town till Friday and I'm getting my house and us ready for Kevin's family to arrive on Friday so we can all leave on Sunday for the Black Hills in South Dakota. There will be 9 of us going and I can't wait to go. I have seen so many pictures and video of this area and it looks so beautiful.
So, thanks for checking in and hope you come back.


emily said...

that storm looks ca-razy!

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let me know if you have any questions!

your girls are getting so big!

Anonymous said...

The girls just look adorable..they are growing so fast. That sky looks amazing but I know scary at the same time. Cassie is such a brave girl. Give them hugs and kisses from Aunt Chelle.
Luv ya,

Traci said...

It is a cute picture of Aundrea and Cassie! Jory would have loved the be there for the storms.

Poor little Cassie getting hurt; however, she is being a trooper!


Jenn said...

wow, your camera seemed to catch the color of the sky better than mine! sorry about little cassie's chin, it' so hard to see your kids wounded... sounds like you did a great job of reacting calmly and treating it quickly-- good job! hope it heals quickly! take care, jenn