Wednesday, May 28, 2008

~Teacher Appreciation Gift~

Real quick. I'm having a horrible allergy attack today, but I wanted to post something because you guys are really reading my blog!!! I want to thank you all for the blog lovin'!!!

This is a bag and stationary I made for Aundrea's teachers for Teacher Appreciation week a couple of weeks back. Angie had a tutorial on her blog how to make it. It is a really easy to follow video. If you have not been over to her blog, you need to check out all her creative stuff. I get most of my ideas from her. Aundrea's teachers really loved the gift. They both said it was to pretty to use. I know, I feel the same way about handmade items I receive.
Well, I have to go to bed so my allergies will go away. That is the way it happens for me. They bother me for one day and the next I'm all dried up. So it is sleepy town for me.
Again, thanks for checking in. I love reading all your comments. They make me smile.


Anonymous said...

Those are so cute. I need to make some stationary. Hope you are feeling better today. Give some lovin to my fav. nieces. xoxo

Luv ya much!!!!

Traci said...

The bag and stationary are SO CUTE! That is a cool thing to have your own stationary. Great idea for her teachers!

Hope your allergies get better!


Jenn said...

i love giving handmade stationary as gifts...and the ones you made are beautiful! love them... i completely whiffed it on the teacher appreciation gift this year. oh well, too late now i guess. take care, jenn

Jason & Rene said...

those are awesome! I will have to try and make those soon. thanks for sharing this amazing idea.
feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

hope you are feeling better. that's a bummer. i have a kiddo who is having a horrible time w/ the too. LOVE the stationary. nice job!