Thursday, August 14, 2008

~First Day of First Grade~

The day has finally came. First grade!!! Wow!! I can't believe she will be in school all day! Today is half day but tomorrow will be all day. It is so quite here. Cassie is still sleeping. It just feels so different with Aundrea gone. I will miss her even though I'm always telling her to not be so loud. I was afraid she would be all cranky this morning but she was not. As I fixed her pancakes for breakfast she crawled into her tent she made last night. It was just so precious!!

This is the same pose she did for Kindergarten. She said she liked this one. We will have to remember to do this every school year to see how she has changes.

Watchin for the bus and talking to her friends down the street.

As we were waiting for the bus she pulled her hair back in a ponytail. So being me, I had to make it pretty. She let me do this little braid. She liked it and I think it turned out cute. I have never tried this before.

One last shot before she was off to school. I accidentally turned of my camera and this is all I had time to get a pic of. Her last words were "Bye Mom". OHHHH!! We were so caught up in the excitement of the first day I forgot to give her a huge and a kiss. boo who!!!

I did leave her a little note in her pencil box. I love that I can do that now that she can read.
Well I'm off to get the little one up and off to Walmart. Yeah!! I can hardly contain my excitement.
Thanks for checking in. Have a good day.

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Anonymous said...

Her hair was so cute! She looked so cute in her little dress and sandals.

I loved the tent! Kids are so creative!