Sunday, January 3, 2010

~Christmas Pics and Cards~

Below are all the pics that I included in our Christmas cards. Everyone that got a card got 4 pictures. I did not plan on that many because I didn't think the family pic would turn out that good. I did some doctoring it up so it turned ok, so I decided to include it in.
We do our family Christmas pic in pj's. Many years ago Aundrea would not put on her dress so we decided to do our pics in pj's.

The dresses the girls have on were given to them by there MaMaw Stephens. The dresses are just adorable. The girls just look so cute in their dresses!!! I tried getting pics of them together in them but I did not get a good one when they were looking at me at the same time. So I had to go with individual pics. Another reason so many pics in the Christmas cards. I have not heard of any complaints so I guess everyone liked them.

Those who got our Christmas cards this year got them late. I just could not get it together this year.
I wanted to make all my cards like the one below. It turned out so pretty. You can't tell from the pic but that is red glitter. It is so beautiful in person. Just ask my Grandma. She was the lucky lady that received this one and only card. I didn't start making my cards till Sunday before Christmas. Nothing like waiting to the last minute.

I had to figure out a new card design that I could whip out in a hurry. The red glitter card was going to take to long to make. So the next two cards are what I came up with. I made 50 of them in about 2 hrs. I think they turned out pretty cute.
Simple and sweet!!!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope everyone is enjoy the holidays.
Have a Happy New Year.


Anonymous said...

I loved our card you made for us. The "snow" blocks were adorable. The ceramic tile was just too cute also. I have made two pages for the scrapbook you gave me. Hopefully, I will get better at it! I loved the cards. I wish we were closer so we could "craft" together! I also noticed you need another snowman for your family. Papa will take care to that!!!


Anonymous said...

You are so talented!! I always love getting your cards or special items :) We have the ceramic tile in the kitchen with something special written on it that changes daily!

Of course the pictures had to replace the ones from last year on our refrigerator!


Anonymous said...

Did you always have red curtains in your family room? Were they added since last January? I don't remember them being there!!! I like them alot!