Thursday, January 7, 2010

~Do U want to know how I get anything done?~

For me to get anything done around the house I have to roll my girls up in blankets and dare them to get out.

They thought I was kidding about staying in the blankets. I guess my smile and giggling at them was not convincing enough so they rolled right out of them.

Oh, yea, I have them wear there bathing suits around the house too so I don't have to much laundry to do. Now that you know my secrets, leave me a comment so I will have something to do with all my spare time. Thanks to those who do comment. I really love reading them. I'm always glad to have something to do. LOL!!!


Anonymous said...

Girl, has anyone told you that it is WINTER??? Running around in their bathing suit. You must have the heat cranked up. I would be freezing :)

It looks like your little "pigs in a blanket" had a great time with the rolling up and out of blankets!!!

I ALWAYS COMMENT :) I actually wait for updates. Gives me something to smile or read while working ...shhhhh don't tell :)


Ann said...

Hi Melissa,

I am also participating in Rachel's modern siggy swap and just popped by to say hello. Looking forward to swapping with you!!

Best regards
Ann from Denmark

Anonymous said...

How cool! An email from Denmark!!!
Your quilt looks very nice. Are you going to quilt it yourself or have it done? Once again, too bad you're so far away. I heard of a lady that machine quilts a king size for $40. She lives in Glenwood. Those girls are so funny!!! Running around in their bathing suits in January. Must be wishful thinking. Give them a hug from Mama and Papa.


Angela said...

too funny! My daughter actually loves wearing her bathing suit around the house all the time. Great idea... I will need to try this with my kids and see how quickly they can unroll themselves. LOL!!!