Saturday, November 10, 2007

Playing in the leaves

Today we went out back to rake leaves. Aundrea was so excited. This is the first time that she has got to play in leaves. All the other places we have lived never had trees in our yards. Aundrea and Cassie had a ball. It is so funny, I can remember as a kid playing in leaves and never had the thought about dog dodo, but now that I'm an adult, it was freaking me out, I had to keep reminding myself "let them play, this is a part of childhood, they will not die from dodo on their hands". Of course, I would clean it off if that happened. Anyway, nothing happened to them but I stepped in dodo twice and then a third time, I was done. Yuck!!!! Aundrea loved raking and jumping in the leaves and Cassie loved sitting in the pile and throwing them up in the air. I just love doing things together as family. I'm so blessed with beautiful family. Enjoy the pics and thanks for looking. I'm off to bed. ;-)

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Anthony said...

Playing in leaves is fun...glad to see you have a blog. Wonder if we can get mom to reading this?

Can't wait to see ya for thanksgiving!