Sunday, November 18, 2007

We made it!!!

We left about 3:30 pm Friday and made it to the Blome's house in Evansville,IN about 10:30 pm. The drive went pretty well. The kids did great. Thank God for DVD players!!! Our dog, Elliott, was a different story. It all started Thursday. He kept wanting to go outside more than usual, I just thought he wanted to be outside. Well, Kevin made it home 10:30 pm that night and let him out and he did both deeds (sorry if this grosses you out) then he got me up at 3 am (he doesn't usually do that unless it is serious) and it turned out to be serious. He had to got out again at 6 am, 8:30 am and 9:30 am. I called Kevin and said "it is going to be a long trip if we have to stop every 2 hrs. for Elliott to potty. So we decided to take him to the vet. The vet kept him all day. Long story short, the antibiotics he was on had messed up his stomach. We were given new dog food and more meds. He acted very punny during the trip and almost barfed in the car but we had just got to my friends house and was able to stop and get him out. He is doing better now but he is still not himself but we think he will pull through. Ok, enough about the dog. Let me tell you about my friends, Carri and Andy and their sweet kids, Maddie, Luke and Anna. They rock!!! They are the most giving, loving family. We are so thankful God put them in our life. We planned to stay with them about a week ago and were so excited to see them and their new house. They moved to a new house after we moved away. Well, their plans changed, they had to go visit her Dad the same weekend we were driving through. They insisted that we still come and stay even though they would not be there. See what I mean. We are so blessed to have such good friends. Aundrea was excited to be there but sad she did not get to see her friends. She did get to play with their new kittens. She had a blast!!! I think the kittens were glad to see her go.
Carrie had left a key for us to get in the house, but we decided to leave it in the house and Kevin would hit the button and run out before the garage shut. Success!!! Until I realized that I left a bag in the house with no way to get in. AGGGGG!!!! It was not clothes or meds. It had Aundrea's school work stuff that I work on with her daily, it will be ok I can improvise, but my camera was in the bag. MY CAMERA!!!!! What was I going to do without my camera? Life will have to stop!! How can I break into the house without breaking anything? How was I going to update my blog without pics? All these questions were going through my mind. My wonderful husband brought me back to reality. He said we can use Brian's camera. So that got me thinking. I can use my parents or my sisters camera, too Life will go on!! WHEW!!! Ok, so I don't have any pics now but hopefully I will at some point this week. So, we left Carri's house about 10 am and made it to my Mom and Dad's all in one piece. Minus a camera. OH, get over it already!! Ok, I have all ready been here a day and a half and my sister and I have already been shopping. I bought 3 pairs of shoes. I never do that. I buy shoes that I can wear with everything then they fall apart. I got a good deal though. Three pairs for $40. YEAH!!! This evening, Michelle, my sister, took me to a jewelry party. How could I go and not buy jewelery. What more could a girl want. Shoes, jewelery, oh my. Tomorrow is my 13th year wedding anniversary. YEAH!! Kevin will be hunting at first light but he has planned something for us tomorrow evening. Dinner somewhere and we will not return until Tuesday. I'll let you know where he takes me in a later post. Must get off to bed. It's going to be a long day tomorrow. Thanks for looking.


emily said...

glad you all made it safely! i would be freaking out about my camera as well!!!
keep us updated!

Anthony said...

Hey I read your post:)

Dana said...

thanks for the smile with your cute, funny stories - I miss you!

Jenn said...

hey! thanks for leaving comments on my blog... unfortunately the one post that has gotten the most comments on it was the gross one... maybe i should share more gross stories? or not. anyway, about the movie, we loved it... so sad though! hope you had (have) safe travel home! :) jenn