Friday, March 7, 2008

~Things are....~

....getting better. It was light switch had been turned on when Aundrea started feeling better. She became very chatty with me, then she started trying to get out on bed (in my bed Cassie can't get to her) and asking for more food. Around noon a friend dropped off some 7up and Gatorade she offered to get for me and she surprised Aundrea with flowers. How sweet was that!!! It instantly made Aundrea feel better.
Can't you tell? She felt good enough to do some exercise. It looks like Cassie is giving her the evil eye, look "OH NO, she is back among the living". Aundrea is still a little week from not eating enough but she is working on that. She did eat a piece of pizza last night and was asking for popcorn. And her attitude is back full force. She is still asleep this morning. She slept with us again last night. I just wanted her close again this morning in case she may not be able to keep her food down. Kevin slept in our bed too. All three of us in one bed. We have a king size bed, but Aundrea slept right up against my back. Oh, her fever did come down yesterday but it did go back up a little before bed, so she was burning me up. So, Kevin and I did not get much sleep.
Since we spent most of our time in my bedroom, Cassie was finding things to get into. She found a place just big enough for her. She tried to squeeze back in there with her blanket, kitty and a big board book. It was so cute!!! I love how she is starting to smile when I point the camera at her.

She got frustrated so she sat down here to read her book. I love this about her. She will sit and pull her blanket up over her and read a book. She loves books!! Yeah!!!

In other new: My mom is back in the hospital. She went back in yesterday evening with heaviness in her chest and discomfort. There was talk about doing an MRI of her heart since it would be less invasive than a heart cath, but since she was not feeling well they decided to do the cath. It will be done some time today. As of last night they did not know what time and I have not heard from anyone at this time. So could you please pray that nothing serious is wrong and comfort for my mom she is pretty nervous. Thanks and I will keep you posted.
Thanks for checking in and have a good day!!!


Traci said...

Cassie looks like she has her own little place. She is such a cutie!

Wow, Aundrea recieved some beautiful flowers! Glad you are feeling better Aundrea.


Allyson Cheney said...

glad u guys r all on the mend... hope you're able to get out & enjoy the beautiful weather!!