Wednesday, March 5, 2008

~It's Here~

The bug....flu...stomach virus....cold.....what ever you want to call it Aundrea got it. Poor baby!!
She had be complaining of a headache yesterday and that her jaw hurt. I just thought that she was getting her 6 yr. molar. She came home from school yesterday and did not look good and she did not feel good and she did not want anything to eat and that is so not like her. She is usually starving when she gets home. She had a slight temp. so I gave her some meds and she just rested all evening last night. Then this morning she came in complaining of her head hurting again and that she needed a drink of water. I could not get her a drink fast enough, she was getting really agitated with me but I think she was feeling like she had to throw up and did not know it because she has only thrown up once in her whole 6 yr life. She is a very healthy girl. Hardly ever gets sick. Thank God!! I can not handle vomit. Luckily, she was in the bathroom so not to much of a mess to clean up and most of it was clear. I told her she was not going to school today and she asked "Why?". Because you are sick I told her. She must have thought I was going to send her to school, because I have never had to keep her home from school because she was sick. This is all new to her. She is now asleep in my bed. I hope we are done with the throwing up because Kevin is busy at work today and he will not be able to come home to help me out. Just pray for Aundrea to get better and strength for me to clean up any vomit!!
This stuff is going around. Lots of kids and teachers are out of school. I was going to go to MOPS this morning. Allyson had asked me to bring a hot dish because she had some mom's cancel due to the sickness. I said sure I can help out. Not now. I have to call her a cancel myself. Bummer!!!
Oh well, life goes on.
I was going to download a pic for you but blogger is having some problems. I will try again later.
Thanks for checking in and sorry if I grossed anyone out.
Life as a mother, you gotta love it.

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Anonymous said...

Tell Aundrea that Aunt Chelle loves her and hope she gets better soon.
Love you all!!!
Aunt Chelle