Tuesday, May 13, 2008

~Bike Week~

I am in Myrtle Beach, SC attending my first bike week with Kevin, his Dad and younger brother. I am having soooo much fun!!! I'm now a Mama Biker, oops I mean a Biker Mama now. See I'm a newbie. I was not sure how much I would enjoy it but I'm thinking I would like to come back next year. Seein' how I'm new at this, I'm trying to fit in. Kinda hard when the first time I put the helmet on I put it on backwards. Ha!! Ha!! Kevin and I started laughing. I think now I will go buy some leather tank tops, get a tattoo and a piercing or two. Oh now, you know I'm just kidding. Kevin and are enjoying each other without the kids, but we do miss them and hope they miss us. Kevin's mom is at the house watching them so I'm sure they are not even thinking of us.

Must be off. We are on our way out for ice cream. I will try to check back in soon. Later


Traci said...

I am glad you are having a good time! Enjoy this adult time with just the two of you. Ok, if you get the tattoos and piercings, I may have to check on you, Biker Mama! :)

You and Kevin have a safe and great time! Enjoy some beach for me!


Anthony Herr said...

Sounds like fun! Are the guys from Orange county Choppers there?

As mom would say Vroom VROOM VROOM!

Christine said...

OMG! I so love OCC. My sis-in-law & her awesome hubby are Harley peeps so I live vicariously (sp)through their adventures. I love bikes :0)
Hope you and Kevin have a great time and safe travels.

Jason & Rene said...

how fun!!! be sure to post a pic of you on a bike!!!

Anonymous said...

haha...you are to cute! can't wait to see pictures of you on the bike!
hope you are having a blast!