Thursday, May 1, 2008

~Flower Girls~

First I want to thank you all for leaving me comments!!! You all are so nice!!!
Ok, here are the pics I told you about in the last post. Sunday morning Aundrea was playing with some Gerber Daisy's that I had in a vase. The sun was shining in the living room windows and I thought it was perfect natural lighting for me to play around and take some pics, if Aundrea would let me. I grabbed my camera and mind you it is not the best camera in the world but it works for what I do with it, I asked Aundrea if I could play around and take some pics of her. She said "Yes". I had so much fun playing with her and she did too!! Just take a look at what I captured.

She just looks so sweet in these pictures. I think I did a pretty good job taking them. Ok, you girls that are into photography will have to give me your honest opinion. Just be straight with me I'm a big girl, I can take it.

Now, I had so much fun with Aundrea and I was so pleased with the pictures that I wanted to get some of Cassie. Well, those of you with a 1 1/2 year old know how difficult this can be. She would not sit still for me to get pictures with flowers around her face. So, the top picture I had Aundrea go outside our back door and call her name so she would look out the window. I had to hold the flower behind her head and take the picture at the same time. It was the best picture I could get of her. I think it came out pretty good!!

This picture shows Cassie personality. She is just the funniest little thing ever. She always keeps me laughing and on my toes.
We had a pretty eventful evening. We have had and are under Severe Thunder Storm and Tornado watches. Earlier we had Tornado warnings. My friend, Traci from TX and her husband Jory, were tracking the storms for me. Jory is a volunteer for the National Weather Service so he knows what is going on. We had to go to our basement just to be safe. I had the tv on watching the weather and had Jory on the phone. He was on the computer tracking the storms. He was giving me updates minutes before the tv station posted them. Thank you Jory so much for being on the phone with me. I have to admit I did get a little scared. I did have to put blankets and pillows in our safe place to be ready, but I had to stay calm for the girls sake. Thankfully, nothing happened to us or our home, but it was pretty nerve racking with the weather sirens going off just down the street.
Kevin is on his was home from CA. He is flying to CO and may get stuck there due to snow storms. So tonight I may not get much sleep between waiting on Kevin and more storms due between 12 am and 4 am.
So, thanks for checking in. Hope you enjoyed the pictures.
Catch ya later.
update: Friday 9:40 am~ Kevin made it home. Yeah! He got in the house around 1 am just before the next round of storms hit. We were under severe thunderstorm warning and tornado watch. No tormadic activity was happening. The biggest threat was straight line winds. As usual, Kevin went to bed and I stayed up till 3 am when I knew everything was ok for us. But, this storm did produce a lot of damage on the MO side of the city. Everything is ok for us now, so today I will try to catch up on my sleep.


Traci said...

The pictures are so cute! I love the one with Aundrea with a bunch of flowers that she is holding and looking down at!

I am glad you made it through the storms ok!

I love reading your blog!


Christine said...

These pictures will make an adorable scrapbook page or would be so fun framed hanging in your daughter's bedroom or bathroom. You did a great job!

Jason & Rene said...

I think your pictures turned out great. I agree with Christine that putting them in the girls bedroom would be perfect. Little girls are so much fun to photograph...I posted my girls playing with dandelions ;)
have a good week.