Tuesday, May 27, 2008

~Kid Questionnaire~

Hey all, hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. We sure did!! We didn't do a big cookout or anything we just hung out and spent some much needed time as a family. Kevin was home for the whole weekend!! Yeah!! But, he is now in Ohio till Friday!! Bummer!!:( I miss him already.
Here is a pic of the girls on Aundrea's last day of kindergarten. WoW!! I can't believe she will be in 1st grade this fall. She has grown up so much this past year. Some of the mom's I have met from MOPS have been posting a kid questionnaire on their blogs so I thought I would too. So here are Aundrea's answers as Cassie can't talk yet.

1. Who is your favorite person?
Kami (next door neighbor)
2. What is your favorite food that mommy cooks?
3. What do you usually pray for?
friends who are sick
4. What is your favorite place to eat out?
pizza street
( we have only eaten there once, but i guess it made a big impression)
5. What is the silliest thing your daddy does?
tickles me
6. How do your parents know so much?
because you have eyes in the back of your heads
7. Who is Jesus?
he is God in Heaven, Gods Son
8. What is the most important rule?
listening to your mom and dad
9. What is the yuckiest food and why?
corn and corn on the cob, because it is yucky
10. Who are you going to marry?
11. What are you going to name your children?
12. What is the best thing about grandparents?
taking me to toys-r-us to buy toys
and Aundrea wanted to add this question
What is your favorite toy?
(Baby, is a little stuffed bear that Aundrea has had since she was a newborn. We pray that we never lose it because it would just be heartbreaking for all of us. Click here to see Baby.)
Thanks for checking in. I love to know who is has been here so leave me a comment. Thanks to those who do. You rock!!!


emily said...

aren't those answers so fun?
i was cracking up when my kids were answering those!
glad you like the title of my scrapbook page...isn't that fun? i seriously feel that way, so i had to put it into words!
can't wait to see yours!!
have a great day!

Christine said...

I too had fun asking the questions and receiving the answers from Gabrielle. The things that must run through their minds. The picture of Aundrea with baby is priceless & most definitely scrap worthy :0)

Traci said...

I liked the eyes in the back of your head. I swear my parents really did have eyes in the back of their head :)

I love the picture! The girls dresses are just adorable. I love sun dresses on little girls.

Keep the updates coming.

Miss ya

Jason & Rene said...

I am going to forward this birthday book thing to you. You'd love it. You can ask your kids questions each year on their birthday about what they like. My favorite thing Aundrea said was the whole "eyes in the back of their heads" thing! what a stitch!
PS I agree..do a "baby" page for her scrapbook...it's a MUST ;)

Mary Beth said...

Adorable pic of the girls! Fun questionairre, will have to try with Logan:) It always amazes me how much sooner kids in the US are done school - here in Cdn it's still another 3 1/2 to 4wks away. But I can wait because that just takes me one step further to Logan's JK days in Sept.
Cool biker photo's too! I'm just catching up on some blogging. ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

Hum, I wonder where the grandparents trip to toy r us came from? The girls look adorable in their new dresses!

Tell Aundrea just 15 more sleeps!


Barb said...

Dear Melissa,
I came across your webpage while searching for a girl's questionnaire for a group I will be teaching called God's Girls. Upon opening your page I was struck with the love in the picture of you and Kevin, the Bible verse and the beauty in your girls (and of course, your dog Elliot.) How awesome and refreshing in today's world that you are inspiring others to live humble, loving, godly lives. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

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