Friday, September 12, 2008

~Aundrea's Walk-a-Thon~

Today Aundrea had her Walk-a-Thon at school. She collected donations and all donations go to the school. Very cool!! Each class got to run or walk for ten minuets for tickets to try to win a prize basket. She did not win a prize basket but she did win a pizza party ( with a friend) and all the 1st grade teachers and a pass to pump it up. She was so excited!! I was there helping pin on the kids lap cards. Each time the kids came around someone marked there cards for each lap. Aundrea ran just about the whole time. I think I have a track star on my hands.

Music was playing while the kids ran and the Cheetah Girls songs were playing. She was running, dancing and singing the whole time and got 18 laps in. She is one talented girl.

Here she is after. All the kids were flushed, hot and thirsty. She had so much fun!! While running she never looked winded. She could have keep on if they did not have to stop them. Awesome!! I wish I could have some of her energy.
I'm so proud of her she did a great job!!
Love you babe!!! You rock!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Aundrea It looks like we made a good investment in your Walk/Run-a-Thon. You look GREAT running and looks like you had so much fun. Keep up the good work.
Love ya
Grandpa and Grandma Herr