Monday, September 15, 2008

~Rides and Rain~

Our neighbor gave Aundrea a go cart. Their youngest daughter has out grown it. So now we get the privilege of worrying over her wrecking it. Yeah!! No really we were so thankful for such a fun gift. We really have great neighbors. Sunday evening Kevin was giving her lessons. He is so patient with her. Below he is having Aundrea look at him instead of at the break and gas controls. She has to learn to look where she is going so she will not wreck. She was very cautious and with a Dad in the field of safety it will be awhile before she gets to leave the drive way.

After Aundrea's riding lesson in began to rain. Cassie thought it as so neat. She would stand on the drive way and watch the rain drops appear on the ground.

Here she is pointing out the rain drops. So precious!!
Yes, she does have her shoes on backwards.

Thanks for checking in.
Have a great day!!!


Anthony Herr said...

That looks fun! Wonder if she will take up racing? Vrooom Vrooom!!

Cassie is sooo cute! thats funny that her shoes were on backwards..

talk to you later

Anonymous said...

Cassie cracks me up with her backwards shoes and upside down sunglasses.

Aundrea will have so much fun with that go cart. I know Kevin will have her using hand signals for right turn, left turn!


Anonymous said...

Move over Sarah Fisher, there is a new race car driver in training.

Cassie is a free spirit, she is so cute and does not miss anything.

Love you all,