Sunday, September 28, 2008

~Off to the Races~

WOW!!! Let me tell you how AWESOME our Saturday was!!!
Luck was on our side when Kevin got these tickets to the Nascar race. I should say GOD was on our side. Lately I have been thinking how Kevin and I sooo needed a date. I know, I should have been praying for this but GOD hears all. We had a great time!! Just the two of us!! No kids and we did not have to spend a penny, well except for a babysitter, but it was so worth it.
Just look at the view we had from our suit seats. It has been 14 years since we went to a Nascar race and we sat in the stands. Sitting in these cushy, air condition, free food and drink seats, I don't think we will ever go to another race if we can't sit in the suit seats. We have been spoiled for sure!!
Here is the winner doing his burn out after he won. Don't ask me who won because I don't remember his name.

There was a dress code to set in the suit seats. No jeans or shorts. Men had to wear shirts with collars. So we dress up. It was so fun to dress up for a Nascar race. I mean normally we would be wearing shorts and t-shirts like everyone else. I was fun to pretend like we were someone special for the day. We had preferred parking too. I thought that we would be parking some where special, not with all the other race goers. Well, we did get to park closer to the entrance. We still had to walk across the field of cars to get to the entrance. I felt very weird to be walking with the short/t-shirt wearing people when I was dressed up with high heals. I told Kevin I didn't want people to think I'm a snob because I'm dressed up for the race. He said today you are a snob. HA!!! HA!!!
We had such a great time. We will never forget it!!!
Thanks for checking!! I hope to be posting every night. Kevin will be gone till Friday. Boo whooo!! I will miss him sooo!!!
Have a great day!!!


Anthony Herr said...

I'm still jealous!!:-)
BTW it was Denny Hamlin that you saw win the Kansas Lottery 300...from the pics your location looks awesome!!

glad to hear you and Kevin had a great time!

Anonymous said...

We are soooooo jealous!!!

Mom and Mike