Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Aundrea's Kindergarten Christmas Party

Aundrea is concentrating hard to put the glue in the right place.
Can we have anymore sprinkles on the cookie! HE! HE!

Aundrea told me she was so happy that I came to her party. This made me so happy to hear. I have to treasure moments like this, in a couple years she may not want me to come. Boo Hoo!! They grow up so fast.
She really enjoyed her self at the party. She was the little party director at her table. After we past out plates of cookies for them to decorate she told her table "Lets wait to see what we are suppose to do." She is not normally like this at home. When ever we do a project at home she just dives right in before I can give directions. It just made me smile to hear her talk like that in school. Oh, to be a fly on the wall sometimes!
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emily said...

looks like fun...and i bet she was so glad to have you there...isn't it funny how they act at shchool? i always like to sneak in early and watch caedmon before he knows i'm there. he's so polite and proper...what??? that's not my kid!!!

Anonymous said...


jeanna said...

hey- you asked about my dr. on my blog, and he is at blackfoot medical plaza, associates in family care at 135th and blackbob. we love him, but keep in mind he is very pro-active and thorough...very into research, so he leans toward the cautious. i love this about him, but it might bug some people who are super laid back. can't wait for MOPS to resume! i want to meet you. Have a wonderful Christmas!!

Allyson Cheney said...

hey....touching base from manchester, new hampshire! =) great pics....those will be so fun to look back on, and it really is great that you are able to be there!!

Anonymous said...

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