Saturday, December 1, 2007

Pajama weekend

I just love Aundrea's smile. It makes me want to smile. It is so contagious. Are you smiling? Anyway, this is what she wore to school on Friday. Her teacher gave them a pajama party for good behavior. Well, the kids picked a pajama party over a pizza party. Smart kids! It's not every day they get to wear pj's to school. Then she went to a pajama, High School Musical, Hannah Montana birthday party this evening. ( i forgot to get a pic) She had a blast!! . So, she pretty much spent half the weekend in her pj's. (easy for me, one less thing to do at bedtime.) Which it is how it should be, right? I love pj's. I could live in them.
I made my Christmas card today. I think it turned out pretty cute. I will post a pic later. I don't want everyone to see it before I send them out. Just 49 more to make. That is what I will be working on tomorrow. I don't know how much I will get done because I got Aundrea and me tickets to the High School Musical on Ice tour. She is so excited!!(to be honest, so am I!) She will be bugging be all day by asking "How much more time till we leave?" I just bought the tickets the other day. I didn't think I would be able to get any, but I found vip seating. Yeah!! I will post pics later.
Kevin will be home tomorrow evening. We miss him so much. It feels like he has been gone forever. Well, off to fold towels. Thanks for stopping by.


Anthony said...

I smiled!

emily said...

how was the tour?? sounds like fun! can't wait to see you at MOPS! how sad that it will be my last one :(
love the music!!

Michelle said...

Hey Sis,
Can't wait to see pics of you and Aundrea going to the ice show. Sounds like you had a blast since you told me last night. Keep the pics coming. I love to see everyone.
Love ya!!!!