Wednesday, December 5, 2007

MOPS ~ Snowman tree

Today was our last MOPS meeting till the new year. Boo hoo!!! I just love going to the meeting and visiting with fellow sahm's and Godly women. Today's meeting was so much fun. The ladies that do all the behind the scenes work did a take on Oprah's favorite things. They brought their favorite things for us. One or two things for each on of us. How awesome is that! The above pic is all the great stuff we got. On a sad note, we had to say goodbye to a great friend, Emily. She and her family are moving to Orlando, FL in January. She is so sweet, funny, very crafty and she introduced me to MOPS. Just when we were getting to know each other she moves away, but she has left me and many other mom's she has invited to MOPS in good hands. Emily, you will be missed!!!
Here is our little Christmas tree the girls, Aundrea's friend Kamie and I put up this evening. This tree went up so quick if you blinked you would have thought it appeared in thin air. I could not keep up with the girls. I tried taking pics but between their speed and Cassie pulling everything off as fast as they put on it was impossible. I love the snowman theme, so fun!! I hope Cassie can get pulling off the ornaments out of her system or we will have to put a gate up around the big tree we put up this weekend. I'll let you know how it goes. Well I've got to get back to making my Christmas cards. Thanks for looking and thanks for the blog lovin' my fellow blogger. Oh, Anthony, love your comments!! You make me laugh!!! ~later


Anthony Herr said...

Glad to be of service:)

Thats a little tree, mom and i made our home more christmasy the other day. The reindeer you and michelle made are now up and pulling santa and his sleigh.

Jenn said...

i'm so jealous that i didn't get to go to mops this year... the favorite things meeting was my favorite last year, not just because of the gifts but it seemed like every one was in an exceptionally joyful mood and it was just a fun environment! glad to hear that it went well... sad about having to tell em bye though! have a great weekend!

emily said...

all those goodies lined up look really good!

Traci said...

The tree is so cute. I want to know what all those favorite things were on the table. They looked like some great things. Very prettily presented I might add!

Makes me wish I was closer to you than in Texas. Hey, you are closer now to me than you were in Indiana so I won't complain!