Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Snow Fun!!!

Sunday the girls got to play in the snow and loved every minute of it.

This was Cassie's first time in the snow. She loved it!!
She walked out there like she had been walking in snow forever. Not scared at all.
I just love this snow suit. Aundrea wore it when she played in the snow for the first time when she was a baby. It is just so cute with the lamb on the hood and feet.

Aundrea loves to help her Dad with everything.

Aundrea feeding Cassie.

Sorry the pic is sideways. I can figure out how to turn the pics when they are still in my camera.
Aundrea shoveled a pile of snow just so she can lay in it. She would not wear her cloves. No, she needed to freeze her hands off. She did not complain. Tougher girl than I am.

Cassie loved to eat the snow. I think all kids are born knowing to eat snow. Mmm, this looks good I think I will eat it. Her little face got red but other wise the rest of her body stayed warm. She would have stayed outside all day if we let her.

Hope you enjoyed our day of fun in the snow. Thanks for looking.


emily said...

cute pics! the snowsuit is super fun...reminds me of "a christmas story"..ha! and my kids go straight for eating the snow too...what's up with that? later!

Carly Burrell said...

those are great pictures! I love getting pictures of first time events! Kailey was afraid to even walk in the snow, I don't think she has thought about eating it yet, but I'm sure she will in time! have a good one!

Traci McIntosh said...

The girls look so cute out in the snow. They looked like they had a great time and we all remember playing in the snow as a child :)