Thursday, December 13, 2007

Home Schooling Help Needed!

I have so much respect for home schooling moms. My oldest daughter, Aundrea, is in Kindergarten half day in the afternoon. I work with her in the morning on stuff she is doing in school to give her more time on the things she is learning. The school she goes to is awesome and so is her teacher. She has given us resources to help us work with our kids. Most days Aundrea is very engaged with what we are doing and eager to work on it..but this morning she was testing me. She wanted to go watch a movie. (i never let her watch a movie before school so i don't know where she got this idea i would this morning) so a little bribing went on. I told her if she does a good job reviewing her school work i would let her watch a movie. Well, she pulled a "I don't know this" whine, whine, whine and the slouching on the table like she had no back bone, pulling at her clothes like a bug crawled up her shirt, anything to distracted her from what she was supposed to be concentrating on. I was getting so frustrated because I know she knows everything we are working on, she did beautifully yesterday when we worked on it. How do you home schooling moms handle days like this? Of course, she did not get to watch the movie. I had her go to her room to get control of herself and to come back when she was ready to work. Well, I got busy with Cassie and other mommy duties and never got back to her school work. I hope tomorrow is a better day. We will see. Kevin comes home tomorrow morning so she will probably be distracted again. Anyway, any tips would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading my frustration. Off to bed.


Michelle said...

Hey sis. You are doing a great job with Aundrea. Just have patiences. I am sure the next time you work with her and she is focused she will breeze right through it. Keep up the good work.
Love ya

Jenn said...

my advice would be to not push it... with her only being 5 years old, you don't want to make school something that is not fun and is forced on her. just put it away and try again later! i have the same struggle with mason... they have another 12 years (at least) of school left, make sure to keep it fun while you can. but i'd still say no movie. you don't want her to get the impression that she controls the schedule. you could always give her the choice of school work or reading, or coloring, or something else that is "undercover" educational. it sounds like you are doing an awesome job! i love to hear what other homeschooling moms say too! :)jenn