Monday, December 24, 2007

A Yummy, Creative Weekend

Ok, here it is. My Christmas card that took a billion years to make. It does not look that complicated and it wasn't. Just a lot of cutting and details. I love how it turned out, though. My favorite part are the little jewels on the gingerbread man. I could not find red so I got clear and colored them with my red sharpe and walla!! I have some left over and can't wait to use them on other projects. I hope those that receive this card love and appreciate it. I had fun making them, late nights and all.
This weekend was a yummy, creative weekend, and a restful one. Kevin and I reinvented a swag that was falling a part. I had the swag for about 12 years and really didn't put it up all that much for the holiday. I did not hang well, and I had no place to hang it so I could plug it in. (it had lights on it) But, I kept it and moved it from house to house. I kept thinking I will do something with it some day. Do you ever do that? Keep something, saying that you can find something to do with it later. I do, and most times I never do. So, this year I decided to do something. Having met so many crafty friends here in Kansas, they have inspired me. So, Kevin and I took of the JOY letters and bow off and glued them onto the grapevine wreath. Very simple, but I love it. I think it turned out cute. A little late putting up a wreath on Friday, but it is up nun the less.

Here is our Gingerbread house Aundrea, Kevin and I worked on.
I bought the kit a couple of years ago and never got around to make it till this weekend. The year I bought it I found out I was pregnant with Cassie and we waited till Christmas Eve to make it not knowing that it took and hour for the icing to harden enough for the house to stand before you decorate. Well it was to late to finish it so we planned for the next year. Well, the next year Cassie was with us and things were crazy. So we did it this year. I was a lot of fun to do. Aundrea loved playin in the candy and eating the sickening sweet icing. Talk about a sugar high. :-)
And here is our yummy cookies that we made as well. I know there is only 4 of us this Christmas and a lot of cookies but we had a great time together making them. It's really memories that we are making and that is the important part.
Oh, I have to tell you about my wonderful husband. I had such a restful weekend because of him. Saturday he let me take a late afternoon nap while he played with the kids. Then when I woke up he was making me a warm bath to soak in, again while he watched the kids. It was so relaxing and quite. You would not have known there were kids in the house. Then on Sunday he let me go take another nap while he watched the kids. How awesome it that!!! Two days in a row I got to nap. Isn't he the best. Love ya babe!!!
I hate to leave on a sort of gross note but looking back it was so funny. Yesterday evening after Cassie had her milk I picked her up from her high chair and held her in my lap at the table while Kevin and I talked. She was coughing and the next thing I knew she throw up all over me. In my mouth and down the front on me. (sorry if this grosses you out) Kevin took her to the sink to clean her up while I sat at the table waiting my turn. We think the coughing brought on the vomiting, because she was fine the rest of the evening. Kevin said he wish he had a pic of the look on my face. My too, I bet it was pretty funny. I now feel like a Mom. That was the first time I have ever been throw up on. Really! Last night would have been a good night for a bath. Oh, well. The things us Moms go through.
Have a Very Merry Christmas!!!!!


Anonymous said...

The Gingerbread house looks GOOD enough to eat. Ha Ha!!!
The girls look so cute playing in the snow, we wish we could be there to play in the snow with them.
Wish we could be there for Christmas and cannot wait to hear and see how their Christmas morning went.
Give the girls a BIG HUG and kiss for us. Love to you all. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Dad and Mom

Anonymous said...

All that loving and I still can not get anything in my stocking!
I guess I will have to try harder next year. Ha, Ha.

Traci McIntosh said...

I wish I had some of those cookies down in Texas! With traveling to Dad's and working, I didn't get a chance to make treats this year..not that Jory and I need them anyway :)

I enjoy reading your blog and hearing about your family.

Can you send me some of your creativity???


Anonymous said...

Finally, I got all the pictures!!!!
Love the BLOG!!! Keep up the good work.


Jenn said...

okay, i saw no bake cookies on that plate and they look delicious! they are my absolute favorite cookie and pretty much the only dessert that i can ever make my self sick on! the wreath looks great... i too am one of those people that think "someday i will need this..." so my basement is full of that kind of stuff. and can your husband call my husband and tell him all about the great ideas he has of naps and baths? oh my... you're a lucky woman! if only he could come up with those ideas on his own! sorry about the puke experience, never had it in my mouth but i have been thrown up on... it's amazing how it's not near as gross as you'd think it'd be when it's your own kids. hope you had a very merry Christmas!
:) jenn