Wednesday, January 9, 2008

~Another Card~

I know this card is like the card I made yesterday, but I got an email from a good friend from Evansville that will be have surgery on Friday. I had a very busy day doing 3 loads of laundry, moping the kitchen floor/bath rooms, clean 3 bathrooms, and dust. I got all this done while Cassie napped and Aundrea was in school. Then I had mommy duties once Cassie woke up and Aundrea came home. I was able to get the girls off to bed early. (Aundrea was very grouchy this evening) I did not have much brain power left to come up with a different card. I must have had Valentines Day on my mind because this card can easily be used for a Valentine. (which I will probably make more soon) Kevin has requested me to make a card for him to give to me. Gotta love'em!!! He is saving money he said.
I can't think anymore. I'm off to bed to recharge. Good-night!!
Thanks for looking!!!


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Mary Beth said...

Great card Melissa! I love your color combo, of course you know that I am partial to those colors too, heehee:) And you must already know that the one draw back we have to creating cards is that we know longer get them for holidays or special events unless our dh's request them like yours did:)I'll be a regular to your blog! I'm sure you have found a wonderful demo. in Angie:)