Monday, January 28, 2008

~Great Weekend~

Thanks to those who played along with who is who question!!! The answer is Michelle on the left and me on the right. I guess it was not to hard because you can compare the pic with my pics on my blog, plus we don't look a like as much as we did as kids. The same answer goes for the baby pic as well. Thanks Mom/Dad for the help!!
Michelle and I had a great time shopping on Sat. We bought clothes for ourselves and the girls and make up. Well, so new lip gloss. What is it about buying new make up that makes a girl feel girlie? Thanks to Kevin who watched the girls all day so we could have some much needed sister time. We came home had dinner and a night of karaoke. Well, Disney karaoke. We did this for Aundrea. It just amazes me all the words she knows to the songs.
Sunday we got up and exercised. Exercised? What is that? I mean I have not worked out in a while. Ok, along time. Michelle has been doing it for a while so she was cheerleader. My abs were like "We have been hanging out here just fine and what are you doing, sucking us in?" It felt good thought. Except for today, it hurts to go up stairs. Oh, boo hoo, it's good for you I keep telling my self. Since Kevin watched the girls all day Sat, I let him go shooting with a buddy. Hee! Hee! He deserved it!!! While Cassie napped Michelle and I made cards. The one in the above post is the one I made for her birthday and she was making thank you cards. I will post later when she is done.
Tonight we are off to Angie's house for Stamper 6 Club. Check out her blog. She is so creative. Kevin gets to babysit again. He is so Awesome!!!
Thanks for looking and I will let you know how it goes tonight later. Have a good evening!

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Traci said...

It sounds like you all are having a great time! Hi Michelle!

Happy Birthday to both of you(early)! I am hoping you get this comment tomorrow on your actual birthday!