Monday, January 14, 2008

~What a Surprise~

I had the best weekend!!! My best friend, Traci, came to visit me all the way from Texas. Well I guess it not so far away. It took her 8 hours, but we are so use to living so far from each other, this is the first time in many, and I mean many years that we have lived with in a day from each other. It was such a surprise. She had been talking to Kevin for the past couple of weeks planning it. I was so surprised and so happy to see her!!! We have not see each other for 3 years. I could not believe it had been that long because we talk at least once every week and email in between. We have been best friends since high school and this weekend was just like old times. Kevin was a big part of this weekend too. I have the best husband in the world. He took care of the girls so we could spend good quality girl time together and we did not skip a beat. Friday, we got a bit to eat out and then went to see a movie. Enchanted. Love this movie. Well, I love anything Disney and so does Traci. I had to take her to see it. I saw this movie with my sister back in November and laughed so hard. I laughed just as much this time.
Saturday, it was SHOPPING!!! All day!! Yeah!! Then dinner and back to the house for Karaoke. OH MY GOSH, we had so much fun just goofing off and trying to do our best impressions of Cher and Danny and Sandy from Grease. I hated to see her go. We definitely plan to see each other more often. Traci is the sweetest, kindest most caring person I know. She is so much fun to be with.

The girls just loved Traci. The last time Traci had seen Aundrea was when she was 5 months old. This was the first time Traci saw Cassie. Traci is so good with kids she is a natural the girls loved playing with her.

Oh, I almost forgot. She came to visit me for my birthday. It’s not till the end of the month, this weekend was the best time to visit. She gave me all and I do mean all her Stampin’ Up supplies. She had bought them back in 2001-2003 and did not use them hardly at all. I mean only a couple of ink pads were opened. Isn’t she the best. I mean just look at all this stuff. What can I say, I have the best, best friend in the whole world. Love ya Traci!! Miss ya and can’t wait to see you again.

Thanks for visiting my blog and reading about my weekend. I hope you had a great weekend as well. Sorry for the blurry pictures. I hope to post some cards soon. So stay tuned.


Traci said...

It was great seeing you Melissa. Who knew we are such great singers...or think we are that is.

Thanks Kevin for giving us girl time!

Cassie & Aundrea - I miss you already. Hugs and kisses from Texas.


Anthony Herr said...

Sounds like you two had a great time this weekend!


Anonymous said...

what a great present! oh it makes me miss my best friend so much!

see you at mops!

Carly said...

fun,fun,fun! best friends are a blessing! looks like you got some awesome stuff for yor birthday! see ya Wed.

Jenn said...

LUCKY! (imagine me saying that in the napoleon dynamite voice) sounds like a great weekend... again, your husband needs to talk to my husband and give him some ideas!!!! :)jenn

snapoutofit said...

Your blog is a great surprise! I am inspired to create! You have a great network of friends and a loving family. I'm happy to be one of those friends! :0)


emily said...

hey melissa!
what a great weekend! and FREE su! can it get any better??
love ya...hope MOPS was a good one!