Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

2008 here we come!!! I can't believe 2007 went so fast. This time last year Kevin was starting his new job position within the company he works for and we were preparing to move to Kansas. It was a bitter sweet decision. The move would bring us closer together as a family but take us away from an extended family and church we loved dearly and miss every day. Evansville, IN became our home and we will hold it in a special place in our hearts. Hopefully we will get back there someday. It would be an answer to prayer. I do have to say that God had provided for us here in Kansas. We found a great house in a great neighborhood with great schools. He also lead me to some great friends. Especially Emily. She invited me to MOPS (mothers of preschooler), where I have met some great women. I have faith God will continue to provide for us in leading us to a church family. All in his time. We have been so blessed.
The girls have grown in the past year. Aundrea turned 5 last February and Cassie turned 1 in August. It has been an adjustment for us all, especially Aundrea, with Cassie as she has learned to walk and how to get into Aundrea's stuff. (aundrea is now keeping her door shut so cassie can not get in to make a mess that aundrea has to clean up.) Over all they get along great. We love to watch them play together. Don't get me wrong, they do have their moments but I try to focus on the good stuff. Aundrea loves Kindergarten. She has learned so much. Her writing has improved and I can't believe she is starting to read and she is only in kindergarten. They grow up so fast. Cassie keeps us laughing. I can't wait to hear what she has to say ( when she finally talks) it will be so funny. She loves to dance, climb into things and be with her Daddy as much as possible. I don't blame her he is pretty cool!!
How was your New Year's Eve! We just stayed in. The last time we were out for NYE was way before the girls came along. We let the girls stay up. Cassie went to bed about 9 pm and Aundrea made it till 10:30pm. Kevin and I watched the ball drop on the tv at 11pm then went to bed. We love living in the central time zone. Everything is an hour earlier.
I did get creative as the girls played. I found the let it snow wood piece at Michael's $ spot. I thought it would be fun to alter. It was already painted blue. I added the white dots with paint, blue rub on snowflakes (by heidi grace, hard to see in the pic) and the white "dress it up" snowflakes ( i added glitter, hard to see in pic), crystal stickers and white ribbon. I think it turned out pretty cute. Kevin asked what am I going to do with it? I don't know, I just had fun playing. I never altered anything till I moved here. Emily has inspired me to do so much more than cards and scrapbooking. Check her out, you won't be disappointed. (she is getting ready to move in 2 weeks so she is going to be pretty busy with that) I hope to do more creative things this year.
Thanks for looking.
Have a healthy, safe and Happy New Year!!!!


Anthony Herr said...

Happy New YEAR!! Although you cheated since it was 11 when you watched the ball drop! :) (honestly i would probably have done the same thing;)

emily said...

hey melissa!
you are too sweet...you made me tear up a bit :)
anywho, love the "let it snow"...very cute! i'm still hoping you all find a church home very soon!

Cathy I. said...

this is really cute!