Saturday, January 26, 2008

~She's Here~

Michelle arrived yesterday afternoon. I could not wait for her to get here. She is here to celebrate our birthday next week. Yes, I said our birthday. For those of you who I have just met, I am a twin. The above pic we were maybe about 1 year old. I have no idea and we are not sure which one we are. Mom, you will have to leave a comment to let us know for sure. Our guess is that Michelle is on the left and I'm on the right. Are we right, Mom? Isn't that crazy, to look at a baby pic of yourself and not know which one you are!! That is the way it is when we look at our baby pics.
Here we are!! All grown up!! Can you tell which one is which? Leave a comment and a guess, just for kicks. We are off for a day of shopping!!! Yeah!! And who knows what else we will get into. Next post I will let you know the answer to the question. Have a great day and thanks for looking!!!


emily said...

gosh!! that is so crazy...i think you are on the right though :)
am i right?
thanks for posting a pic of you two...i've been itching to see it!!

Mary Beth said...

I'm guessing the same as Emily that it's you on the right Melissa. I hope you and your sister had a fabulous day together!! Hugs:)

DAD/MOM said...

Are they not cute!!!!! Both then and now. WELL THE ANSWER TO THE QUESTION IS........(facing the picture)................Melissa is on the RIGHT. Michelle on the Left (duh).

Girls have a GREAT week together and HAPPY BIRTHDAY early!!!!!
Love Dad and Mom

Carly said...

i was going to guess you on the right, too!