Monday, February 11, 2008

~Happy Birthday Aundrea~

Here is my baby at 1 month old.
Isn't she the cutiest baby you have ever seen?!!!!

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to Aundrea,Happy Birthday to you!

WoW!! I can't believe she is 6 years old. I look a pics of when she was younger and I find myself saying "Where has my little baby gone?"She is growing up too fast.

While she is at school, I'm going to wrap presents, finish decorating the cake, pick up balloons and put up a few birthday decorations. She will be surpised when she gets home. Also, Kevin is getting off of work early so he will be here when she gets home. She does not know he will be here.

I will post later of all the fesivities of tonight.

Stay warm, or cool where ever you are.

Thanks for checking in.


Anthony Herr said...

Happy Birthday Aundrea.

to bad i can't come see you this weekend with grandma and grandpa.

emily said...

hope she had a good day!

Traci said...

Happy Birthday Ms. Aundrea. I know you all will make it special for her!