Sunday, February 10, 2008

~Poor Baby~

Cassie got her first booboo. Well, her first booboo that required a band-aid. I found some blood on the dishwasher and had to search for who was bleeding. Obviously, nothing serious because no one was screaming. But we found the culprit. Cassie had cut her thumb. We found a piece of paper with blood on it so we think she got a paper cut.

As you can tell, she does not like having the band-aid on. She kept coming up to Kevin, Aundrea and me to take it off. She is getting use to it now.
This will be one for the scrapbook.
I will right more later. We have a busy day ahead. Aundrea's birthday is tomorrow so we have a day of cleaning, cake baking, goody bag making, valentine making (party at school on Tues.), and birthday card making.
Have a good day. Thanks for checking in.

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Traci said...

Poor little thing! Boy she hated that bandaid!