Thursday, February 21, 2008

~Hawaiian Day~

So sorry I've been gone so long. We have had a busy week with Aundrea's birthday and family visiting. So here are some updates.

Today at Aundrea's school is Hawaiian Day. A big contrast to what the day really is. A cold, sleeting, and raining ice day. I was so surprised that they were not out of school. Well, I could not send her to school in a bathing suit, althought she would have wore it. Yesterday was flip flop day. I sent her in warm shoes with the flip flops in her back pack. I told her she could change into her flip flops when she gets to school. Well, I failed to tell her to change back into her warm shoes when she comes home. OOPS!! She walked off the bus with, you guess it. Her flip flops!!! It did not get above 20 degrees all day yesterday!!!!Kids!!!
Anyway, this a laie (did I spell that right?) my parents brought back from a trip to Hawaii. I put it on her to wear as a necklace but she wanted it on her head. I think she just looks so cute!!
I can't wait for warmer weather!!! neaither can the kids.
Below are some pics from Aundrea's birthday. Kevin came home early and met her off the bus. She was so surprised and excited. I had the house decorated with balloons and tinker bell decor. She opened presents then we had dinner (which was pizza and bread sticks) and cake.
This is what her MawMaw and Paw Paw Stephens sent her. Thanks! She is really good at jumping on her hopscotch rug.

Goodies from Aunt Chelle. She loved her Tinker Bell jewelery box. Thanks!!

And her goodies from us and Cassie.

Here is the card I made for her birthday. She loves butterflies and flowers so this stamp set was perfect. Sorry I don't have the name of the stamp set at the moment, I do know it is a SU retired set.

Here she is patiantly waiting to blow out her candles. I made this cake per her request. I figured I better make it because later she may not want a homemade cakes. Anyway, she requested a chocolate cake with pink icing. That's my girl!! She also wanted flowers on it. Well, I'm not so good at making flowers out of icing so I did what I'm good at. Stampin!!

I stamped Big Blossom and the butterfly set on white card stock and cut them out. I attached them to skewers and stuck them in the cake and wala!!! I think it turned out pretty good and she loved it and that is all that matters. Oh, the candle colors were her choice as well.
Thanks for looking and sorry for such a long post, I just wanted to get you all updated.


emily said...

what a great idea with the flowers on the cake! i DO NOT envy you cold weather folk!

Jenn D said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter. She is adorable and it looks like she got a ton of goodies.

It is super cold here too, in the single digits. I am longing for spring weather.

I love the cake topper! That is a wonderful idea. I'm glad she liked her cake. It is very pretty.

The butterfly is from Reasons to Smile a hostess set from the 2006 - 2007 catalog.

Allyson Cheney said...

cute pics!! love the birthday card. i think the name of that set is "reason to smile". sorry i didn't get you called back on wednesday.... i've been sick, so i haven't done much of anything! =) anyhow, no worries about mops on wednesday. it all worked out totally fine, but we missed you!!

allyson Cheney said...

oops....i just realized someone else already posted about the stamp set....i'm such a space cadet sometimes! duh. oh well.... =)