Tuesday, April 29, 2008

~Dress up storage & Cards~

Lots to show you. Do you have the time? First, here is what we did Sunday in Aundrea's room. We added a coat rack for her to hang her dress~ups on. I think it is so cute!! I will be a lot easier for her find what she wants to wear rather than search through a basket full of dress~ups.
Ok, finally today I got to stamp!! Yeah!!! I watched the video tutorial that Angie did to make this purse. It is just the cutest thing I have ever seen and super easy to make. If you have not been over to her site, check it out. She is super talented and has great video tutorials to follow. I made this little purse as a gift bag for one of Aundrea's little friends birthday.

The card is also on Angie's blog. I took the pic before Aundrea had a chance to color the cake and sign it, so I will be much better when she gets done with it I'm sure.

This little card I made with scraps I had laying around. It went together super quick and is super cute. I think anyway. BTW, while you are on Angie's blog check out her Chick Stand. It makes adding brads super easy. I'm using the word 'super' a lot in this post. Everything is just super, I guess. Hee! Hee! I'm just so happy I got to stamp today. I usually don't get to or I don't make myself put other things aside and do something for myself. Anyway, next card please.
This one I did for a friend that helped me out while Kevin was away for 2 weeks. Aundrea became super (there's that word again) sick. She was vomiting so much and would not stop, so I ended up taking her to Children's Mercy Hospital at 9pm in the evening and I didn't want to wake Cassie up, much less take her to the hospital with me. I called Teresa and she came and sat at the house so I didn't have to wake Cassie. We didn't make it home till 2 am. Aundrea had to have IV fluids. She did great through the whole process. She got to pick out a movie to watch while she got her fluids. She said "That's cool Mom". I can't say enough about the doctors and nurses at the hospital. They took great care of her and I felt like we were the only ones there, like she was the only one they had to treat. Awesome!! Or should I say SUPER!! Hee! Hee! I kill myself!! :)

I love the inside!! I used versa mark for the heart and stamped the saying with black stazs on. I thought the verse goes perfectly with the heart. Don't you think?

Thanks so much for checking in. I hope to do better about blogging. Thanks for all your comments. I love to read them. Next time I'm going to share with you some pics I took of the girls. So far they are my favorite and I think I did a pretty good job taking them. Well I must be off. Aundrea is watching A Bugs Life and Cassie is making a mess of the famliy room. So I need to clean up and get Cassie to bed so Aundrea and I can watch DWTS results. Ok, so have a SUPER :) day or night, depending on when you are reading this. Later.


Anthony Herr said...

Those cards and crafts are SUPER!


angie said...

hey girl,
love the bag in pink :) I think I need to make myself one of those :))

emily said...

you did a great job with all your creations :)
and i love what you did with aundrea's room...hanging that coat rack was brilliant! her dress up clothes look so cute hanging there!

and yes, i will be at MOPS...see ya then!!

Traci said...

All the cards and purse were cute!

The idea of the coat rack was a good one. It will be easier for her to decide what to wear.

Loved reading the update,

Christine said...

I am jealous you found the time to make some craft creations! It is so hard when you have 2 little ones demanding your time & attention. Are you joining us at the Scrapbook Page this weekend?

Izellah said...

Thanks for writing this.