Wednesday, April 2, 2008

~Yes, we are home~

Did you think we have been in Texas all this time? At least, I hope someone out there has been wondering where I have been. I have no excuse as to why I'm such a bad blogger. I have been trying a different way to manage my mommy and home duties that I needed to focus on my family. Things are on the right track so I fell it is safe to blog again. We had a great time in Texas! So, I want to update you on our trip.

I said in a previous post that I hoped to see some greenage in Texas. We saw some and had such beautiful weather that we did not want to come back to brown Kansas. I was so excited when I saw something green coming out of the ground. Tulips!!! WoW!! I can't wait to see what color they are. To this day they still have not bloomed. At least I know they are there so I can't complain. We moved here in July of last year and there was not much color in the flower beds and I thought I had a lot of planting to do. Not so much now. I'm so excited!! I love flowers that you don't have to plant every year!!!
Here is Cassie during the drive. She did really good, considering she only napped for only 45 min the whole 8 hr. trip. Yah, amazing. She is a happy kid.

And here is Aundrea, watching a movie and coloring. Thank God for car DVD players. How did we survive road trips without them?

Ok, I know this is not the best pic in the world but it has green in it. I tell ya, I just wanted to see green so bad I had to take a pic.

Here is Aundrea at the Texas welcome center. I love this pic for some reason. I want to scrapbook it with card stock shaped like Texas. Anyone know where to find one?
I will update you on more of our trip later. I say later because it may be tomorrow or the next day, later. You get the idea. Thanks so much for checking in. I hope I still have some bloggin' friends after being such a bad blogger.
Have a good day, afternoon or evening(depending when you are reading this)!!!


Anthony Herr said...

I haven't been wondering what took you so long to blog again as i already knew you were home:)

glad to know things are going well

Lisa said...

Welcome back! I'm glad you enjoyed your trip, can't wait to hear more!