Thursday, April 10, 2008

~Ft. Worth Zoo~

Here are some pics from our trip to Texas a couple of weeks ago. The highlight of our trip was the Ft. Worth Zoo. We got there when it opened so it was not as crowded. Good thing too. It was getting pretty crowded as we were leaving. We saw a lot of animals. The giraffes were one of Aundrea's favorite to see. Here is a mama and her baby. So cute!!! I love this pic of Aundrea. I can't wait to scrap book it and crop those people out. Didn't they know I was going for a great shot? Man!!!

Oh, this was a highlight too. There was this huge cage that had a lot of these little birds in it. You go in and buy a stick with food stuck to it and they will come eat off of it. At first, I thought gross. We would be walking out with bird poop all over us, but we didn't. Aundrea loved it when the bird landed on her stick to eat. I thought it was pretty cool as well.
Cassie was a trooper. Kevin volunteered to carry her in the back pack. Much easier to navigate through people than with a stroller. Here she just gave up and fell asleep on the way out of the zoo. So she did not miss anything.

Dad, this one is for you. Jory, Traci's husband, is into HAM radio. At the house he and Aundrea would use them as walkie talkies. She loved it!! Me too, it kept her entertained. Thanks Jory!! You are going to make a great Dad some day!! Anyway, he took them to the zoo so they could talk on them, and here they are posing with them. What do you think Dad?
Well, Kevin will be home in 9 more days. This week has been ok. I just miss him. This has been the longest we have been apart since we have moved to Kansas. We will survive.
Cassie woke up Wed. morning with puck all over her and her bed. I could not believe it. She did not make a sound all night long. I felt so bad for her. She slept in it all night. She did have a little fever but she is doing much better know.
I have been able to make a couple of cards but I can't post them until the recipients receive them. I did get a couple comments about pics of my scrap room. Emily and Rene let me get it cleaned up and I will post some pics. I don't get much time to make anything so when I do it is quick and I don't always get to clean up after. I was in there some today cleaning up so hopefully soon I will get those pics for you. Hang in there with me.
Well it is much to late for me to be up. I need to get to bed or I will not be worth anything tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by and leave me a comment. I love your feedback.


Traci said...

The zoo was loads of fun. Fred, Jory tried to get Andrea into HAM Radio just for you!

By the way, I got a wonderful card Melissa, it was so cute!!! Also, came at the best time when Dad was trying my patience. THANKS!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Jory for introducing Aundrea to HAM radio. Looks like I'am going to have to buy some radios for Aundrea and I. All the pic's are so cute of the girls. Love ya all