Saturday, April 26, 2008

~Productive Day~

The day started out by Aundrea and I cleaning up her room. I have been raking my brain on how to organize her room to make it easier for her to clean up on her own. I have cleaned it up and organized it a couple of times and Aundrea loves how clean and neat it was but still would never keep it clean. She is only 6. Sometimes I feel like I expect too much from her.
Lizz, one of the great gals I have met through MOPS, babysat for the girls the other night so Kevin and I could go out on a date. She is a great organizer so I asked her for some ideas for Aundrea's room. She suggested moving her bed to one side of the wall to give her more floor space to play and adding pegs on the wall for dress-ups and shelves for other things and get ride of some things. So that is what we did today. Mainly, we cleaned her room, moved furniture and organized. We still have to buy pegs, shelves and get ride of things, but I think we have made a good start and Aundrea loves it. What do you think?


I have to say I love it too. Thanks Lizz for all your suggestions. You rock!!!
Later in the afternoon, I went to Rene's house for a girls afternoon out to have our make-up done by Marietta. (both gals I have also met at MOPS) Marietta is now selling Marabella (sp?) makeup. I love it!!! She did a great job. I felt so beautiful when I left!!! Rene will be posting pics on her blog so I will let you know when she has them up so you can go take a look.
After getting all gussied up, I came home to find Kevin and the girls weeding the flower beds. They did a great job. Now we have to mulch. Some much to do. Anyway, Kevin has been wanting to get me some boots to wear while I'm riding the motorcycle with him. So that is what we did. I found some. They are cute!! Just wait, I have a pic of me in my helmet. It is hilarious!! I'll post it later.
Well, gotta go. Kevin is back from helping a friend build some shelves in his garage. Need to spend some time with the hubby. Catch ya later.


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH, I can't believe that is the same room. Good job! Glad I could help, although I didn't do much. It was so much fun hanging w/ you at Rene's! We all need to do that more often!!

Traci said...

Aundrea's room looks SO MUCH BIGGER! Wow, what a difference.

I can't wait to see more pictures! I love updates with pictures :)


emily said...

holey moley clean room!! looks great!

and i can't wait to see what you do with the "one picture scrapbook pages" that you're going to do!!

angie said...

Wow, awesome!! I need her to come to my house :)