Thursday, April 24, 2008


I have been MIA again. Things have been crazy here and are starting to get back to normal, if there is a normal. But, we are all alive and kicking!!! The weather is beautiful here now. Finally!!! Everything is greening up beautifully!!! I just wanted to check in. I do have some pics to post but will try to do it later. Cassie and I went out to lunch today after Aundrea went to school. Then to Michaels to buy some bead stuff and to the eye doctor. I found a rip in my contact at the first of the week and finally broke down and took Cassie with me. She did great while I got checked out. I now have new contacts, yeah!! I hate wearing my glasses for any length of time. I feel so smothered. I feel like me again. Well, I have to get Aundrea from her friends house and I'm off to get my nails done. Thanks for checking in. Later.

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