Friday, April 11, 2008

~Check it out~

This picture does not do this bracelet/earrings justice. It is so pretty in person. In the past I have made jewelery for myself, friends and family. I don't think I have made anything since I have moved here though. I was blog surfing a couple of days ago and found this blog. It has inspired me to start making jewelery again. So, this evening Aundrea and I stayed up and made jewelery. Below is what she made. Isn't it cute!!!
Let me know what you think of our creativity. I will get back to updates of our TX trip in another post. It is yet another late night and I still have to clean up or bead mess. Thanks for checking in. Later.


Traci said...

The jewelery is so cute. Your blue looks so pretty.

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emily said...

how fun that you and aundrea stayed up and made jewelry together!! i can't wait for hadley to want to hang out and create with me! i'm hoping she's a scrapper too :)